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Coal powered water vapor balloon

See picture in link
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Please see linked image explaining the idea.

The smoke is "clean" smoke from a well burning fire, so should be mostly CO2 replacing the oxygen).

The smoke is sent with a series of chimneys outside the balloon and along its face. This heats the walls so steam does not condensate.

Water vapor is evaporated by boiling it from a pot under the balloon and above the coal.

The balloon is made of material that can withstand 80C, and the bottom is covered with lightweight aluminium bubble wrap, so that the smoke and steam do not damage the parts they come in contact with.

The people in the basket are extended below this whole contraption. The basket can be built in the shape of a bagel for safety, so that the fire and boiling water can drop without hurting the people in the basket.

Of course a fire extinguisher will be available for any emergency, and the water will be immediately evaporated by releasing it into the fire.

A safety roof can be installed above the basket as well.

Before addressing any other minor problems I wish to remind you that this is halfbakery, so not everything in this idea was fully thought through. You are encouraged to take a Can-Do approach and help solve the challenges you see with this idea.

pashute, Dec 12 2012

Picture in link https://docs.google...H1BsBzX5VxmR2w/edit
[pashute, Dec 12 2012]

Picture in link http://www.w3school...ame=tryhtml_imglink
Before you (undoubtedly) start with this... [pashute, Dec 12 2012]

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... "bigger picture in link below"... [pashute, Dec 14 2012]

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[pashute, Dec 14 2012]

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[pashute, Dec 14 2012]

Steam balloon [pashute, Jul 08 2013]

Clean Coal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_coal
[pashute, Jul 10 2013]


MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2012

       Clean smoke from a coal fire?   

       Coal is the filthiest of all the fossil fuels. That's why they banned it in London.
Wrongfellow, Dec 13 2012

       I can't figure out why you only specified a material that could withstand 80C. Why not select a temperature with some margin above 100C?
scad mientist, Dec 13 2012

       "Clean coal" except CO2 emissions.
pashute, Dec 14 2012

       please see clean coalink
pashute, Jul 10 2013


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