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   air-cooling balloon 
 (+4)  Airline Air-lift 
 (+2)  Around the world in a pure hot air balloon 
 (+1, -2)  Articulated Balloon String Flailing Man 
 (+5)  Balloon climbing 
 (+11, -5)  Balloon Gypsies 
 (+9, -5)  Balloon Notions 
 (+5, -2)  Balluum 
 (+1)  Bernoulli Balloon 
 (+4)  Blimplane 
 (+11, -4)  Centrifugal vacuum balloon 
 (+17)(+17)  Cloud Bouncing Simplified 
 (+1)  Cluster Umbrellacopter 
 (+2)  Coal powered water vapor balloon 
 (+3)  Cold air balloon 
   delam vacuum cell 
 (-2)  Double wall high pressure vacuum balloon 
 (+2)  electric cluster balloon 
 (+1)  Electric tethered hot air blimp 
 (+2, -3)  EternaBalloon 
 (+37, -1)(+37, -1)(+37, -1)  Flame organ balloon 
 (+6)  Flying solar chimney 
 (+6)  Gas condensing high bypass hot air balloon burner 
 (+6)  Giant Eyeball Balloon 
 (+4, -2)  Heat pumped vacuum balloon 
   Hot Air Balloon Fed From Lighter Than Air Heat Duct From The Ground 
 (+10)(+10)  Hot air balloon harpoon 
 (+2, -1)  hot air balloon plasmasphere 
 (+6, -2)  Hot vapor balloon (LTA) 
   hydrogen balloon Davy lamp partition 
 (+14, -8)  Inflatable flying Jesus Christ 
 (+4, -1)  Inflated Shell for Vacuum Balloon 
 (+3)  Internal flame hydrogen balloon 
 (+4)  Ionic Gas Balloon 
 (+4, -2)  Literal Weather Balloon 
 (+2)  LTA Battery 
 (+5, -6)  LTA Bunker 
 (+3, -1)  microwave powered hot air hybrid solar balloon 
 (+1, -3)  Not Jetpak, BalloonPack! 
 (+8)(+8)  Nuclear Balloon 
   Park in the Sky 
 (+2)  Passively-propelled airship 
 (+1)  Popproof Paper Bubbloon 
   powered trampoline surface 
 (+3)  Practical Vacuum Balloons 
 (+5)  PV Stabilized High Altitude Balloon 
 (+5, -6)  RC balloons 
 (+3)  road heated hot air balloon booster 
   rope jumping personal balloon 
 (+3)  Safer Passenger Hot Air Balloon 
 (+4)  Siegebreaker balloon 
   Solar Cluster Ballooning & more 
 (+3, -1)  Steam balloon 
 (+2)  Strato Cadavers 
 (+3)  "Stratosphere Tractor" High Altitude Balloon Intercept And Capture System 
   string of hydrogen-balloons 
 (+2)  Tethered porch balloon 
 (+6, -1)  "Toy" Dirigibles 
 (+5)  Transparent sun-focusing zeppelin 
 (+2, -3)  vacuum sphere 
 (+3)  Weather Balloons w/ Fuel Cell 


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