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Coffee Machine Pottery

Sculpt your own coffee cup.
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This would be like a regular coffee machine that, instead of dispensing a plastic cup to pour coffee into, would dispense a lump of clay for you to mould into a coffee cup. I'm not talking about proper sculpting clay. Probably closer to plasticine. And once you are finished you simply press the a button and your coffee drops into your new cup. Of course these would be in addition to normal coffee machines for lazy people, and there would be many of them so that no long queues build up.

But even better is the game version. After a few attempts you are probably getting quite quick at making yourself a little coffee cup. Now you should try against the clock. You set a time limit after which point the coffee will be automatically released, whether you have finished your cup or not. A true dexterity challenge.

And for the daredevils out there, try the randomized time. You have to try and guess the time somewhere between having boiling hot, wasted coffee on your hands and waiting around for the coffee to finally be released. There would be a minimum time of 3 minutes or so. But beyond that, you're left guessing.

(I'm fairly confident that the plasticine would affect the taste, but considering the source of the coffee, I'm not sure whether people would notice the change. Plus it's apparently non-toxic which is usually a bonus.)

hidden truths, Jun 21 2005


       I don't see the need for the risk of severe burns to make this interesting. And I'm concerned about the 'setting' up of the material.   

       Might prefer it if it were a separate thing.
waugsqueke, Jun 22 2005

       Cheers [ED Jr].   

       Anyone who would want to use the randomize function would either be extremely foolhardy and thus deserving of a shock to get them back into line, or an experienced coffee cup maker who would be in no real danger.
hidden truths, Jun 23 2005

       Nice. +
sartep, Jun 23 2005


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