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Coffee Mug/Cell Phone

I lost my cell phone and wish to avoid loosing it again.
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I recently lost my cell phone in bottom of dumpster. Lucky it was filled with broken furniture and only took an hour to retrieve.

So the one thing that never leaves my hand is a coffee mug. If I can get a cell phone that is also a coffee mug, I will never lose it.

So all we need is a cell phone that can get wet with coffee and creamer, and hot as boiling water, and that can be microwaved.

Holding you coffee mug up to your ear might be a bit strange, but I expect strange things from people with cell phones. Like the person talking to themselves in the grocery aisle.

( Lucky the dumpster was filled with broken furniture and only took an hour to retrieve. : )

popbottle, Jan 18 2015

Phone handle http://www.amazon.c...Black/dp/B00CIBTBK4
Available in all sorts of colours! [Canuck, Jan 18 2015]

Put the phone in the pocket. http://www.amazon.c...t-Mug/dp/B00BME434W
Of course the pocket would need to be bigger, but that would just mean more coffee! [Canuck, Jan 18 2015]

Been there, made that call... Cellular_20Iron
[normzone, Jan 19 2015]

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       Why not strap your phone to the side of your mug with two big jubilee clips?
pocmloc, Jan 18 2015

       // Lucky it was filled with broken furniture //   

       Your cell phone is filled with broken furniture ? Is it a woodburner, then ?   

       //Like the person talking to themselves in the grocery aisle. //   

       The advent of mobile communications technology has been a boon to those with certain types of mental health issues. In the past, they would be viewed with concern by others; now, just give them a bluetooth earpiece and everyone just assumes they're on a call, even if they are standing on a park bench, shouting at the pigeons (just a bad signal area, obviously).
8th of 7, Jan 18 2015

       //Is it a woodburner, then ?   

       Handy, as it could do smoke-signals in areas of poor coverage.   

       Borderline workable, with the coffee cup on gimbals, and one of them peltier things to recharge the battery.   

       Addendum to 8th's, one homeless guy in the City of London managed to snag a broken mobile and a calculator (this is in the 1980's) in an effort to blend in.   

       (wanders off to attach a bit of zinc to a chicken, to see if it's possible to make a battery chicken battery)
not_morrison_rm, Jan 18 2015

       // Lucky the dumpster was filled with broken furniture //   

       You actually *named* the dumpster? I guess when you spend an hour with an object you kind of form a bond...   

       Maybe all you need is a way to get a handle on your phone? (see link)   

       EDIT : Found a different idea that might work (so you can still use your phone while nuking the coffee - see other link)
Canuck, Jan 18 2015

       {canuck} Dumpster Lucky isn't lucky. Lost it's wheels. And the fork lift slots are in sad shape. Leaks all over the garbage man's truck's windshield.   

       Nothing a good cup o coffee can't help you ignore.
popbottle, Jan 18 2015

       If Maxwell Smart could talk into his shoe, well then you should be able to talk into your coffee mug, me thinks.
blissmiss, Jan 18 2015


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