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Cordless pickup app

Mobile picks up incoming landline calls
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In our house, we have a cordless landline phone. Trouble is, certain members of the household are of a bohemian and unregulated disposition, and invariably fail to return the phone to its appointed place after use.

Result: at the next incoming call, the base station chirps away merrily, but the handset is nowhere to be seen, lost, perhaps, beneath a pillow, or under a pile of newspapers. A frantic search results, but the caller has normally disconnected before the handset is located.

Now I have recently acquired a fancy new mobile, for which apps are available by the barrowload, and I normally have this about my person. How nice it would be if, on hearing the phone ring, I could whip out the mobile, and pick up. I'm sure that some android or iphone wiz out there could knock something up pretty sharpish.

Mickey the Fish, Dec 17 2010

Blue Fusion http://www.youtube....watch?v=gjCWKd721dk
Car stereo with BT interface to mobile phone. [Jinbish, Dec 20 2010]

Cordless Phones with Bluetooth Links http://www.smithgea...tooth-landline.html
These cordless phones connect to other devices by bluetooth - but I'm not sure whether that is to only channel audio or whether it includes call-control functionality. [Jinbish, Dec 20 2010]


       "Google Voice is not available in your country" (UK). And, yes, my existing cordless setup does ring from the handset, but it is a feeble sound, drowned out by the muscular and sonorous blare from the base station.
Mickey the Fish, Dec 20 2010

       Good idea - there's no reason your cordless phone basestation can't talk to your fancy new mobile phone over bluetooth or 802.11g or something.
hippo, Dec 20 2010

       This kind of thing is eminently doable. I think Orange did do something very similar - not sure about the name though. I'll have a bit of a dig and see what I can find.
Jinbish, Dec 20 2010

       @hippo: any reason the mobile can't talk good 'ole DECT to the base station?
Mickey the Fish, Dec 20 2010

       <mobile>I no-speaka-de-"Decked"</mobile>   

       Seriously though, if the basestation does the translation then the mobile device doesn't need extra gubbins (like a DECT RF end).
Jinbish, Dec 20 2010

       @MtF - not sure - nice to see you back here by the way (unless you've been here all along and I just haven't seen you for a while)
hippo, Dec 20 2010


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