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Coffee table marker lights

Lighting up obstacles in the night
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A set of LED's, any color you like as long as it's red, either steady or flashing. Placed at the corners of your coffee table, they prevent painful shin-to-furniture experiences.
lurch, Oct 19 2002

Glow Lights http://www.litewave.co.uk/
For that "Tron" look ambience. [hollajam, Oct 20 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

this might do the trick http://www.halfbake...pherd_27s_20Delight
use night vision instead. [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "...they prevent painful shin-to-furniture experiences..."   

       How? Do they set up a field effect that somehow repels shins?
bristolz, Oct 19 2002

       aargh - should have known. Sorry.
replace "prevent" with "provide location cues, allowing one to predict and/or avoid"
lurch, Oct 19 2002

       Yeah. I knew. I was just being a jerk.
bristolz, Oct 19 2002

       Pedantic freak.
BinaryCookies, Oct 19 2002

       That too.
bristolz, Oct 19 2002

       Why do people take beautiful boxes of wood or aesthetic material and stick them in the middle of beautiful aesthetic open spaces? Never mind that I don't keep a coffee table...   

       Rope lighting would make an aesthetic taxi way marking device.
hollajam, Oct 19 2002

       [hollajam], I need the coffee table there, because that's where the dog threw up. Right in the middle of the carpet. Gotta hide the stains. The extra throw rugs are in the corner where the cat couldn't contain herself.
Amos Kito, Oct 19 2002

       I like this for the mental image it creates... It would look much like a small UFO floating in the middle of the living room.
madradish, Oct 19 2002

       lurch - you want a sure-fire mega-croissant winner? Make up some bedframe marker lights - you know the drill
<barely alive sleepwalk>unnh, uh, gotta 'bake *STUB* "&@wd@^^#! ... toe... jeeeeezaaaah..."</barely alive sleepwalk>
thumbwax, Oct 19 2002

       Certainly, [thumb]! The main marketing thrust is toward the coffee table, as that is the prototypical shin-barker. However, this should not be taken as discouraging anyone from placing these lights on any obstacles they may find along their nocturnal ambulatory path.
lurch, Oct 19 2002

       “Why do people take beautiful boxes of wood or aesthetic material and stick them in the middle of beautiful aesthetic open spaces?” Answer: it’s a humane way of killing idiots.   

       The company I used to work for had a beautiful journal reading area outfitted with leather sofas and glass coffee tables that seemed to invisibly float over plush carpeting. Two days after they were installed, I retrieved a journal, and opening it as I walked, immediately flipped over one of those invisible but seductive glass tables. The next day the glass was removed and replaced with very visible but still seductive marble tabletops. It took me only two days more to manage to fall flat across one of the new marble tops, and thereafter I was banned from the library. The problem is not the furniture, it’s people like me.
ldischler, Oct 19 2002

       Yes. This would also help eliminate ashtray and beer spillages. In fact, put LEDs on the edges of ashtrays, too.
calum, Oct 20 2002

       UnaBubba, I find this unusual that you would share this today. I have just returned home from the emergency room for treatment of the same beastly assault.   

       Taxi lighting would not have prevented my accident. My standard bumper 'dismount' was preempted leaving me unable to utter satisfying words. I'm still undecided whether the total show of empathy and pampering justifies the total register of pain.
hollajam, Oct 20 2002

       I hate it when that happens.
Amazingly, a load has to extend from the rear of a vehicle several feet before a red flag is required.
<dangerously off-topic>*Their insurance - will it cover this?</dangerously off-topic>*
thumbwax, Oct 20 2002

       I think 'car glows lights' would be the best solution for marking such night beasts in the home. See [link]   

       <aside>Thumbwax, sadly I was on the bumper of my own vehicle having backed out of the cargo area of a suburban. It was all to keep my pants clean. Hah! I paused with my feet parallel with the bumper but never got to execute the 'aerial dismount because of snow. At least I was satisfied by the attention grabbing effect of my blood soaked pants leg. Multiple compound fractures come to mind but I was fortunate that wasn't so.   

       My insurer would just laugh and flag the policy for a Darwinian rate increase.</aside>
hollajam, Oct 20 2002


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