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Roadside Coffee Table

Get one in your town
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I'm so tired of seeing Roadside Picnic Tables. I'm yearning for a Roadside Coffee table. Think of just pulling over during a drive and getting out your French Press and Electric hot plate, (with car adapter) and making some coffee (or tea,) whatever is to your liking. Sit and chat with friends who might pass by. You might want to play cards, read a mag, or just have a little rest from driving, while enjoying a cup of coffee. If you had a half of croissant, your day would be perfect. You might meet someone you have never known, or someone you kind of know, but don't know their real name, or wanderers, or passerby-friendly creatures. I want a coffee break from life.

If you live in a high-theft area, you might want to carry a portable coffee table with folding legs with you in your car. There could be "coffee-table permitted" areas along the roads where you could set up. Hopefully, there are some beautiful trees, wildflowers and unusual rocks to contemplate there, also. Hope to see you there.

xandram, Nov 22 2005

(?) Roadside coffee table http://rustick.net/coffeetable1.html
A tad rustick [skinflaps, Nov 23 2005]

there's always someone worse off... http://www.photo.ne...le-in-lake-23.4.jpg
[po, Nov 23 2005]


       I agree. You can't relax properly at those darn pikernik tables, you have to sit hunched over like..Yogi Bear..
Minimal, Nov 23 2005


       With a roadside croissant dispenser. Daily refreshed.
spekkie, Nov 23 2005


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