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Cold screwdriver

Fill with dry ice and turn screw with it.
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In the linked idea there are musings about the removal of screws. There are other circumstances besides stripped heads in which a small piece of metal resists removal - rusty bolt, penny wedged in disposal etc.

The cold screwdriver has an insulated reservoir for dry ice, liquid nitrogen or even plain water ice. The shaft extends up and into the reservoir, ramifying within to disperse heat. Different tips can be attached according to the job at hand. On holding the cold screwdriver to the piece of metal in question, heat will be conducted away from it and into the reservoir. The metal will cool and shrink, facilitating its removal.

Here at BUNGCO we keep a couple of these handy for quick-cooling our beers without needing to mix in the strange tasting ice from the -80C freezer. A coat of teflon on the shaft makes it easy to stir off any ice which forms.

bungston, Mar 10 2015

Diamond screwdriver Diamond_20Screwdriver
My muse was traipsing along the field of annos. [bungston, Mar 10 2015]


       I think that the main problem is the surface area for heat transfer is very much in favour of the screw/metal interface. The Screw/driver interface is almost insignificant in comparison. This would mean that the screw temperature would fall very little.
bs0u0155, Mar 10 2015

       //strange tasting ice from the -80C freezer.// Now there's a research project. Why does it always taste bitter?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2015

       *looks up ramifying*   

       Thanks for teaching me a new word.
notexactly, Mar 11 2015

       /Why does it always taste bitter?/ I have wondered. In a home freezer, old ice takes on the flavor of other stuff in the freezer. I am not sure what is in a -80 that would be gross tasting.   

       GCMS could be able to sort it out. In fact that would be a fine joke poster: GCMS profiles of different types of ice, correlating with their bouquets.
bungston, Mar 12 2015


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