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Coleoptera Bouffant

firefly hairnet ( or firefly tophat for men)
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A double-sided (Bouffant) hairnet with about 5-6 inches of spaces between them. The fireflies are placed inside the layers. The net is then placed upon one's head, secured by the elastic edges of the net. This festive piece can only be worn at night, whilst the fireflies are giving off their light. Fun for parties, Rave clubs, or lighting your way in the dark.

Edit: It can be shaped liked a top hat for bright gentlemen.

xandram, May 24 2011

http://www.youtube....pS8&feature=related Fire! [xenzag, May 24 2011]

behave_20beehive_20hairdo complimentary day wear [xenzag, May 25 2011]

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       sp. coleoptera. I'm fairly sure I've read about fireflies being used as hair decorations. I think it was young women somewhere in Africa, in a Gerald Durrell book.
spidermother, May 24 2011

       Thanks for the spelling correction, but I cannot find any mention of them being used as a entire hairpiece, so if you can provide a link, I'd love to see it! Thanks [spidermother]!
xandram, May 24 2011

       Are you thinking of the Rose-Beetle Man from "My Family and Other Animals"?
hippo, May 24 2011

       //Rose-Beetle Man// That explains my Gerald Durrell association - another coleoptera bouffant. That was in Corfu, of course. I'm still fairly sure about the African firefly maidens. It might have been in "The Tree Where Man Was Born" by Peter Matthiessen. I'll get back to you if I find it.   

       I don't recall a complete hairpiece. They just tied them on.
spidermother, May 24 2011

       See link for the amazing and much copied Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Note how he removes the burning hat before it sets his head on fire. Note how his make up was copied by the horribly dull Kiss. (amongst others) Note his excellent dancing style. (which I have been known to copy, much to the cringing amusement of my students)   

       Bow down to the God of Hell Fire and lighting up hats!!!!   

       [+] For the idea of a firefly hat, and for the miss-spelt name which sounds like a type of flying dinosaur.
xenzag, May 24 2011

       Thanks [xen]- I've tried searching for this with the info provided by others, but can't seem to find any photos. I might just read one of those books, though!!
xandram, May 24 2011

       Just realised that it was me who miss-read name as a dyslexic version of Cleopatra. he he
xenzag, May 24 2011

       It did look like Cleopatra when I first misspelled it. Maybe the guys would like a firefly tophat?
xandram, May 24 2011

       ...waiting on the edge of my seat for Cleo's Petri Pasties.
RayfordSteele, May 24 2011

       //It can be shaped liked a top hat// Have a Cleo Petri Pastry. [+]
mouseposture, May 25 2011

       So, not an E. coli buffet then? Shame, really.
infidel, May 25 2011

       Aah! Stop saying //dyslexic// in a series of annotations by [xenzag] [xandram] [xenzag] [xandram]!   

       Also, what if the beetles have a battle in the bouffant?
spidermother, May 25 2011

       or worse, a buffet.
hippo, May 25 2011

       Aggressive intelligent cannibal coleoptera would be beetle bouffant battle beetle buffet boffins.
spidermother, May 25 2011

       I don't think that fireflies fight, because their * light* is a mating call!! So, if they all were mating it could turn into a bug brothel!!
xandram, May 26 2011

       A bug brothel... on your head?... Umm, yeah...
infidel, May 26 2011

       OK, I'm in. Got anything in a bowler hat? [+]
Grogster, May 26 2011

       Very Cute +
blissmiss, May 26 2011


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