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behave beehive hairdo

real beehive hairdo with magnet controlled bees
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Have your own supply of fresh honey produced by your own colony of bees, which you carry around in your hair. The bees, which could tend to be unruly, would be kept under control by exploiting the magnetite which they share as a little understood quality with several other arthropods. A series of progammable, variable control magnets would direct the behaviour of the bees and could be used to confine the swarm to a pleasantly orbiting cloud which would only stray when permitted to search for nurishment.
xenzag, Oct 18 2005

Oddly found this [xenzag]... http://www.dkimages...s/Bee-Swarms-2.html
I was just looking for bees and happened upon this... [theleopard, Aug 14 2007, last modified Sep 14 2007]


       For some buzzzarre reason I am attracted to this.
skinflaps, Oct 18 2005

       How would you sleep?
squeak, Oct 18 2005

       //How would you sleep?//   

       Just sleep during Autumn as the first frosts begin through 'til Spring, or fiddle with the magnets.
skinflaps, Oct 18 2005

       //How would you sleep?//   

       Put beeswax in your ear and lie down very carefully?
Jinbish, Oct 18 2005

       <kind of off topic> Have there been any studies of the effects of magnetic fields on Africanized bees?   

       //Have there been any studies of the effects of magnetic fields on Africanized bees// - they've been gradually moving towards the North Pole.
xenzag, Aug 16 2007

       How do you Africanize a bee?
marklar, Aug 16 2007

       Make it wear a dashiki.
theleopard, Aug 16 2007

       ...and teach it to play congas.
xandram, Aug 16 2007


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