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Collapsible visor

A concertina sun visor
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A molded plastic sun visor replacement that 'accordions' (concertina - like some straws and sippy cups do) down to block glare.

I'm thinking of slightly tinted transparent plastic so you could actually see through it in the areas where it's fully expanded.* If you want more tinting - even in the middle of the visor - you could adjust** the folds to partially collapse, increasing the tinting.

Because it's transparent, it could be made so it expands to a decent size - say 1.5', though fully extended it won't block much light. It should collapse to about 3" or 4" so it's never in the way. It should also remain on a swivel (like a normal sun visor) so it can swing to cover the side window as well.

Some folks will complain about the missing vanity mirror. I say shouldn't you be watching the road?

*Not recommended for driving purposes
** Please adjust visor while vehicle is not in motion.

(March 10,2002: modified to sprinkle the word 'concertina' throughout as it better expresses the intent of the idea)

phoenix, Mar 02 2002


       [admin: removed extra space in heading]
st3f, Jul 03 2002

       Rather than concertina it, it would be cool to have it made out of some sort of stretchy plastic that could be pulled thinner or squashed into a thicker layer.   

       I'm not sure about the optical properties of concertina'd plastic: the folds going in one direction would let a lot more light through than the folds in the other, unless it was angled perpendicularly to the sun (damn, I need a diagram, I think).
pottedstu, Jul 03 2002

       Oh dear. You got off to a bad start. molded -> moulded.
NickTheGreat, Jul 04 2002

       He's American; 'molded' is correct American spelling.
angel, Jul 04 2002


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