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external car camera

external driving cam, like a video game
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I haven't really come up with any practical application that isn't solved an easier way, but this would be fun. If you could set up a video camera behind and higher than your car with the screen in front of the driver, you could drive with the perspective that is default in most driving games! You'd be able to judge the distance among your car and others a lot more easily and see much further down the road. Driving like this might be even safer(when used at the appropriate times). Why else is it so popular in games? Because it makes navigating around cars, turns, and obstacles much easier.

I guess you could mount a camera to some rod that extended from the back of your car, such as from the hitch. Or maybe install a retractable rod with a light weight camera on end so that it'd be out only when you wanted(like long drives on freeways).

dameyawn, Apr 10 2006


       +, for the ability to see over SUV's.
Shz, Apr 11 2006


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