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Color-changing bedsheets against cheaters

No more hiding in the closet
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Remember those color-changing T-Shirts? Do this but with clean white bedsheets.

= Bed-sheets at room temperature: 21 °C

= Bed-sheets after love-making: 37-38 °C

Enough of a temperature difference to give an indication as to whether someone's hiding in the closet or not.

P.S. 1. maybe we should move this entry to the sports section.

P.S. 2. maybe one could just go straight to the closet and look, but that's less pleasant, and so confronting. Maybe Hitchcock's hiding there, with a knife, who knows? No, just look at the sheets, then go.

django, Jul 08 2010

Sakineh http://www.guardian...-stoning?CMP=twt_gu
[po, Jul 09 2010]


       A "Menage a Un(e)".
A "One-in-a-Bed Sex Romp"
Maybe its just hot!
gnomethang, Jul 08 2010

       [pertinax], if you're here, give me a hand with a classical reference I recall vaguely but can't track down:   

       Latin, first person. The speaker visits his mistress, in her bedchamber, very early in the morning, to see if she's been sleeping with someone else. She hasn't, but she realizes why he's visiting her so early, and realizes, too, what it implies about his own morals: he expects her to behave the way he would himself.   

       The tone of the passage is regretful, as the speaker realizes that, in that moment, he permanently alienated her.
mouseposture, Jul 08 2010

       What color would they be if you're just a naturally warm person lying in bed who rolls over from one area of the bed to another?
Cedar Park, Jul 09 2010

       Story to tell, [django] ?
normzone, Jul 09 2010

       can't you just look in the closet? closet? who has a closet these days. a walk-in wardrobe - heaven!
po, Jul 09 2010

       Maybe some colour-changing paint on the window threshold, too?
Cedar Park, Jul 09 2010


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