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Color Matching Jewlery

An all-around accessory that matches its color to any outfit.
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YOU love to look fashionable. How to not look fashionable: Wear colors that DO NOT match. Clashing is a no-no.

BUT! With this idea, you have jewelry that matches any outfit. Let's just use a bracelet as an example, but this would work with rings, earrings, necklaces...

You have a monocolored bracelet, and with the idea, you can bring the bracelet close to your clothing item, point the very small sensor on the bracelet towards the clothing item, press a button, and it optically reads what color it is. The bracelet changes to that color (by technology which I am not certain is invented yet).

Perhaps other features could include making the color darker or lighter with a button.

(update*) It would be essentially the same technology as color-changing cars, electrosensitive paint and it changes with particular currents. There would be a color sensor, though, so you could match the color to your outfit.

You'd have to take care not to damage the sensor when you're wearing it around.

Now you're HIP!

billmckenna, Jun 28 2003

Paint matching idea http://www.halfbake...int-match_20scanner
[cevilthedevil, Oct 04 2004]

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       have you bought the new Harry Potter novel yet?
po, Jun 28 2003

       This is essentially just a glass bead, right?
DrCurry, Jun 28 2003

       This is in the new Harry Potter book? Where at?   

       Glass bead? Nuh-uh. It stays the color that you make it, even when you take it away from the clothing.
billmckenna, Jun 28 2003

       it was a gentle nudge in the general direction that we don't *do* magic here. [marked-for-deletion] magic, sorry.
po, Jun 28 2003

       [po] Not magic. it is entirely possible to do, but a little delicate and expensive, and probably pointless. If chameleons can change their skin colour to suit their environment, then it should be easy enough to artifically replicate what they do.   

       A much easier version is to have a hollow glass jewellery. Take some food colouring dyes of three primary colours. Fill the bead/bracelet/earring with the desired mixture. THe ratio of the three colours gives you the colour you want. The concentration gives you the intensity.
cevilthedevil, Jun 28 2003

       If everything piece of jewellery you wore was 'mood' jewellery, it would always all match.
Cedar Park, Jun 29 2003

       billmckenna, I think what DrCurry means is that a glass bead will show hte colour of whatever fabric is underneath it, therefore in a sense it is "colour coded"   

       I am not sure though if having everything colour coded is a good thing, having a red dress, red makeup, red lipstick, red shoes red earrings etc, would be a little OTT. Much better to go for complementary colours.   

       If you are useless at colour coordination, I can suggest an entirely bakable idea, based on one already posted by Tabbyclaw. Place each item of clothing that you posess on a scanner. Scan in a sample of the colour and pattern. tell the computer what each item it is scanning is (eg shirt, tie, dress etc.).   

       Now you have the database, choose a shirt to wear. Tell the computer which one you have chosen. Then it will scan your database for a jacket, tie, trousers etc. which are matching/complementary colour and pattern. No more fashion disasters.
cevilthedevil, Jun 29 2003


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