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Chakra 6 Wake up! Bindi Door Knocker

miniature door knockers disguised as bindis
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I have a friend who often wears a bindi. Some times she takes it off in order to get messages tapped into her head. For those who don't know what bindi wearing is about, see links.

The idea is to double up on the decorative function of the bindi, by making it able to mimic the action of a door knocker, only in miniature.

As well as looking good, this would enable shiatsu messages to be tapped into the forehead of the wearer, through the third eye, which is a very lazy organ and often hard to awaken.

xenzag, Sep 20 2007

bindi http://en.wikipedia.../Bindi_(decoration)
[xenzag, Sep 20 2007]

Forehead Bindi Door Knocker http://www.vintageh...mages/zlw-32lhn.jpg
wakey wakey [xenzag, Sep 20 2007]

bindi http://www.chinadai...151514140182735.jpg
with eyebrow extras [xenzag, Sep 20 2007]


skinflaps, Sep 20 2007

       Guess what [bigsleep] you just invented the digital version.
xenzag, Sep 20 2007

       will there be a vocabulary quiz tomorrow? and what the hey is shiatsu messages!   

       oh... a pun...
dentworth, Sep 20 2007

       Where's the pun? curious.
xenzag, Sep 20 2007

       //miniature door knockers disguised as bindis//   

       or is it an actual sized bindi disguised as a miniature door knocker?
bleh, Sep 20 2007

       What about Bindi microdots for Hindu spies?   

       (By the way: Not saying Hinduism as an entity has spies, but that a person who is a spy might also be Hindi.)
theleopard, Sep 20 2007

       Instead of Hide and Seek they could play Hindu and Sikh.
xenzag, Sep 20 2007

       Crikey! She's a beaut!!
Noexit, Sep 20 2007

       does banging your head against a brick wall help to arouse the 3rd eye (before you lose consciousness anyway)?
po, Sep 20 2007

       + Hey, I'll take one. You never know what'll wake ya up!
xandram, Sep 20 2007

       In some parts of india (Punjab) smaller bindis continue across both brow lines.... maybe these could be used as meridian points ..My forehead awaits its new shiney knocker.
100 percent, Sep 21 2007


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