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Colour-Changing Toothpaste

that changes colour as you brush
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Like the aquafresh toothpaste, except as you brush the two colours fade to white.

That way when you spit, you can tell if you brushed long enough.

The beauty of it is that there are no annoying beeps, just a suble, almost subconcious "Oh, still colour. I better brush for longer next time."

:-), Apr 07 2003

Fancy-Schmancy Brass Egg Timer http://www.organize...m/eggtimbras3m.html
Chemical free, but may require polishing. [Don Quixote, Oct 04 2004]

patented????? http://www.freepate...ne.com/4876082.html
If this link is correct, someone in the US actually patented an idea like this. I wonder if it was :-) [drememynd, Jan 25 2008]

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       smiler, can I call you smiler?
po, Apr 07 2003

       Red means stop; your gums are bleeding.
FarmerJohn, Apr 07 2003

       Another example of a new user with a good idea. Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Apr 07 2003

       My mum used to make me crunch these tablets after I had brushed and it would make the plaque on my teeth go red if I had missed it, maby you could use the chemicals in the tablets. Can't be bothered finding link.
Gulherme, Apr 07 2003

       [gulherme] , they used to make us use toothpaste that did that back in secondary school. Ah, PSE lessons. Staining teeth, having the proper use of condoms demonstrated. Quality education.
sambwiches, Apr 07 2003

bristolz, Apr 08 2003

       It's an attractive idea, but I generally try to *limit* my intake of unusual color-changing chemicals. I'd rather use an egg-timer. [link]   

       ...and, by the way, double ick
Don Quixote, Apr 08 2003

       //wouldn't a thermochromic disk on the tube that held its color change for two minutes after being grasped by the thumb for ten seconds or so be a suitable reminder//
Yeah, the user'd be purple within ten seconds of me stranglin- oh, I mean, uh, yeah, good point.
thumbwax, Apr 08 2003

       //"disclosing toothpaste"//   

       Oh, thank goodness! I thought she'd torn something.
FloridaManatee, Apr 08 2003

       po: 'course you can! :-)   

       It's an attractive idea, but I generally try to *limit* my intake of unusual color-changing chemicals Don Quixote   

       Yep, no problem... but maybe it could be worked something like that Kool-Aid that changes colour when it gets wet.... Of course, it would have to be nontoxic...   

       Though then again.... how often do you "eat" toothpaste? (the stuff will make you sick if you eat it - colour-changing or no...)   

       UnaBubba: ahh... "disclosing toothpaste"... :-) Hadn't thought about that one. Oh... and I haven't met your friend ":-("... I *am* good friends with ";-)" though! :-)
:-), Apr 08 2003


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