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Yellow Toothpaste

Avoid confronting situations between the white toothpaste and your yellow teeth
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Regularly I'm confronted with the fact that my teeth are not as white as I hoped, because the white toothpaste is clearly marking the colordifference. Using the yellow colored (deep yellow) toothpaste means the difference in color is or vanished or, and that's even better, it'll look like your teeth are less yellow than your toothpaste!
Buzz, Jun 19 2001


       Baked. My girlfriend has this yellowy-greeny 'Tea Tree Toothpaste' she got from Holland & Barrett or some such place.
-alx, Jun 19 2001

       Just add mustard.
angel, Jun 19 2001

       Right, or curry-powder...
BartJan, Jun 19 2001

       No no no! STOP! You are running a grave risk of making your teeth EVEN YELLOWER! Especially with curry powder, which doesn't come off anything.   

       Perhaps you could keep your eyes closed when you brush your teeth, or brush them somewhere other than in front of a mirror.
Dr Furtz, Jun 19 2001

       Actually, having re-read my previous annotation, I would like to note that I personally think this pearly-white-teeth obsession has gone way too far, particularly in the USA, and that yellow teeth are just as fine as white teeth as long as they are suitable for proper mastication. I must apologize for temporarily getting caught up in the obsession.
Dr Furtz, Jun 19 2001

       Perhaps, some people miss the psychological effect of using a colored toothpaste. Your teeth are yellow, and far from perfect. Don't try to convince yourself of the opposite. Use a sparkling white toothpaste and think of it as a goal for your teeth. This will make you brush at least twice a day and tremendously improve your dental hygiene.
mostwired, Jun 19 2001

       Simple solution: use a yellow-tinted mirror. Next.
rmutt, Jun 19 2001

       Chew a mouthful of yellow chalk before brushing. Non-toxic, washes off, and will probably turn your toothpaste foam yellow. Experiment with red and blue for funny effects, or when drunk. Lots of calcium in chalk--make sure you get *organic* chalk though, to avoid chemicals added by unscrupulous chalk farmers. Or, since lemons are yellow, eat a whole unpeeled lemon before brushing. That way your mouth is puckered so tightly you never see your teeth.
Dog Ed, Jun 20 2001

       Try having your teeth removed by your local dentist, and have small pieces of corn inserted in the holes.
benfrost, Jun 20 2001

       Yellow teeth are stronger than white teeth (apparantly).
It's a fashion thing - in a few years people will be queueing up at their dentists to get their teeth yellowed.
hippo, Jun 20 2001

       Any Americans worried about this can move over to Britain. Our teeth are famously yellow - no-one will even notice
Redbrickterrace, Jun 20 2001

       benfrost:think you`ve been reading too many Viz `top tips`! :)   

       Better go easy on the furious brushing too, as most toothpastes contain chalk and/or other abrasive agents!   

       Instead, i`ve made the subtle, tasteful application of white correction fluid (Tippex, Liquid Paper etc) a part of my morning bathroom routine (i got the idea from Barbara Cartland).
Pallex, Jun 21 2001

       my teeth have a very slight yellow tint to them (i'm a non-smoker), and both my dentist _and_ my dental hygienist have advised against doing anything but regular brushing and flossing. bleaching (among other techniques) strips the enamel off your teeth and actually encourages cavities. so as long as your teeth aren't falling out, rotting, or giving you any pain, and your gums aren't bleeding or receding, you can think of the slight yellowness as part of your unique character.
mihali, Jun 21 2001


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