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Combined Translation Dictionary and Thesaurus

Besides translating and giving the dictionary definition, also show a thesaurus for both sides
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And not just synonyms and antonyms but also related words and idioms.

I write a word, and get a whole set of ideas in the selected target language (or target field of knowledge) and in the source field as well.

pashute, May 14 2017


       Uh, Google Translate already does this, sort of. For instance, if I translate "watch" into Russian, it gives me (as well as the main translation) multiple Russian words that mean "watch" in any sense of the word (wristwatch; a person on duty to guard something; to look at, etc).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2017

       Yes I frequently use google translate, but it does not "fan out" something I want on both sides. So when I write watch I also get the political contexts "Jew Watch, Machsom Watch etc." and sayings with the word watch: "Watch your step". I want Synonyms: Inspect, Stare at, Look into, Detect, Follow. I want relevant words that show up when discussing a watch: Clock, clockwork, watchmaker, hands, seconds, hours, minutes, dates, DateTime, daytime, time zone, watchtower, adventists (or is it witnesses? I frequently mix the two), The Big Ben, Seiko, Sanyo, Alarm clock, Watch this happen, Watch Russian TV online, Patriarch Kiril I, Strela, Omega, waterproof, baywatch, time shift etc.   

       I want all this info in a structured manner so that it is not just all lumped together. I want to see only a minimal part of it revealed and allowing me to open up more or move on to different categories (and languages).   

       It would be useful without translation as well, instead, showing two sides of a word in two fields of knowledge.   

       And "before" translating to Russian I want to choose which meaning of the word I'm translating to. I would give the corresponding translation, along with the other translations as it does today, but, again, in a structured manner, connected to the actual word requested to be translated.
pashute, May 14 2017

       What in the name of small fish is a //Jew Watch// ??
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2017


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