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Comic Book Library

For people who don't care about value--they just want to read them!
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It's always surprised me that while we spend billions on traditional libraries (and traditional librarians), that we are missing the boat on many people who could use the benefits of a library.

I am talking, of course, about comic book readers.

While many of them never actually read a comic book and leave them in hermetically-sealed comic book collectable wrappers, other users read. They read them obsessively.

It's one thing to buy a current one, but as for old ones, who has the money to buy a collectable one just to read?

I propose a private comic book library. You join by either donating your collection that isn't in collectable condition or by paying a yearly fee. In exchange, you get your comic library card and the right to check out as many old ones as your heart (and your eyes) desire. No fuss, no panics over a twisted corner, and years of literary fun for the comic book crowd.

While I am not a comic book reader, I think this is an idea whose time has come (more so than rhytmic gymnastics in the olympics!)

edit: After thinking it over, you need to donate some collectible ones as well. That way, they can be sold periodically to pay for rent, utilities, librarian salary, etc.

adamosity, Aug 24 2004

Get a huge collection now: http://buybox.amazo...mg=14#more-pictures
$230,000 worth of comics for 16 bucks. [Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

MSU Libraries Comic Art Collection http://www.lib.msu.edu/comics/
Includes "more than 150,000 items. Mostly comic books, but also nearly 1,000 books of collected newspaper comic strips, and several thousand books and periodicals about comics." [jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Palm Beach County Library System http://www.pbclibra...rg/story-comics.htm
"Bap! Whiff! Ga-gishh! Foop!" [jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Spokane Public Library http://www.spokanel...een/comic_books.asp
Hey, it's a start. [jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Yes in triplicate. I would also be willing to donate my comics for all that access, being no collector myself. I just like to read 'em.
harderthanjesus, Aug 24 2004

       Worst idea ever.   

       (didn't mean it - just felt appropriate to quote comic book guy from simpsons).
dobtabulous, Aug 24 2004

       Don't existing libraries already stock comic books and graphic novels? This doesn't require a separate institution (although I'd certainly hang out there.)   

       This would be a good solution for collectors who would like to read what they just bought, yet don't want to break the wrapper.
jutta, Aug 24 2004

       Aside from the rare collection (your link)--no.   

       After all, my local public library considers the "Left Behind" series to be science fiction. *laughs*
adamosity, Aug 24 2004

       Bun worthy idea. + (even though lightly baked by Robert Kiyosaki as explained in "Rich Dad Poor Dad." A neighborhood comic book library was apparently his first money-making venture. )
grip, Aug 24 2004

       Croissant. Make it so!
DrBob, Aug 24 2004

       S'good. Makes me wonder if there is an on line comic museum.   


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