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Communist Stadium Seating v2

A more effective spin off
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This revision addresses the following problems the already excellent v1:
- Auto adjustable seats too expensive
- Cheating is way too easy
- Not communist enough .. IMHO


Each seat is *manually* adjustable. Each person adjusts their own seat.

...Boring ... wouldn't they cheat?

That's where the auto-enforcement system comes in. It consists of two components. A scanning laser that detects anyone who is sticking out above a preset threshold. Upon detection the scanning laser sends coordinates of the offender to a punishment device of some kind. I leave the design of such a punishment device to the annotation section. The design constraints are minimal: Input (x,y,z) coords, output _____your_choice____

Notes: I was also considering adding a warning device of some kind: ex: "Warning you are out of compliance. Please return to a compliant position within 5,4,3,2 ...." . But I guess it's kind of optional. Do you really need a warning? Not if it's a hard core communist stadium.
Similarly, with things like a "toilet break pass" - to allow you to temporarily break the rule. Again, not really that important considering the context. There is no such thing as a pee break ... and what the hell is standing up to buy a snack? We're talking Pyongyang - not Las Vegas.
I was kind of sad about the wave possibility disappearing .. but that's not true either. If it was a lazy ass capitalist pig stadium .. then yes, let them ride up and down on their automatic seats all night long. But here in Pyonyang we have a lot of young energetic people who can go up and down perfectly to the tune of the undulating laser beam without any such lazy seats... if not, they get a small dose of constructive feedback that's all
ixnaum, Sep 25 2010

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