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Humanity's Plan B
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This Plan envolves the Space Railroad system.

Solar powerd magrail propulsion systems w/ re-alliagnment capability (from waste gases?). The asteroid field to be harvested and fitted with propulsion rings to give initial velocity and again encountering decelleration rings.

Asteroids will be mined of usefull metals and fitted with propulsion rings and sent on thier way to destination in approximation of Earth's orbit. When reaching Earth's orbit a construction team assures assembly by connection of current shipment to previous ones.

At some point the mass of assembled asteroids will attain enough gravity to create a gravity well. Future additions need only be directed toward surface. I remember something about pressure creating heat, so possibly an artifical planet could be created with atmosphere borrowed from Venus and Jupiter, then Terraformed to Create Earth-2.

I suspect that 10 centuries could be used in the realization of such a project, but considering the last 10 centuries, you can only extrapolate scary things happening in this time. Why not try it?

Zimmy, May 24 2003


       I've got my asteroid mitt ready.
thumbwax, May 24 2003

       //Why not try it?//... You first. I'll give you a century head start. I'll wait here in my WIBNI mobile.
Cedar Park, May 24 2003

       It's also barred by cosmic reasons. Do you have any idea how much of *anything* it would take do accomplish some o' this stuff?   

       We probably wouldn't even have enough ships built by the time a millenium passes.   

       Nah. The way I see it, the earth is okay for now. You go and discover everything that can be known about the earth, then talk to me about going somewhere else.
galukalock, May 24 2003

       We need to work on becoming immortal before we worry about the future of the earth :)
Size_Mick, Mar 07 2004


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