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Community Solar

A Solar tower for the community
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Photovoltaic cells theirselves can get expensive, but mirrors can be easily used to decrease cost, concentrating sunlight onto a smaller cell. A tower in the community can be erected which will be laden with cells, so that people in the community only have to purchase mirrors, which should be cheaper, although requiring cleaning (what doesn't). Community members with mirrors then aim their mirrors at the tower, concentrating solar energy to create electricity through cells or heat difference engines (stirling engines). The light could also be collected, aimed and redistributed to those who wish to pay less for their lighting bill during the daytime. You could literally sell the sunlight reaching your house. You would have to pay a small amount to get it converted to energy though.
twitch, Nov 21 2006

Massive AOL CD Solar Collector Array Massive_20AOL_20CD_...20Collector_20Array
Your idea, but using a free resource. (assuming they still send the things out) [Worldgineer, Jul 02 2008]

Massive Solar Collector Array (of Doom!) Massive_20Solar_20C...rray_20(of_20Doom!)
A tracking version of the previous link. [Worldgineer, Jul 02 2008]


       How do these mirrors aim at the tower? Are they programmed to move with the apparent movement of the sun across earth's sky?
Texticle, Nov 21 2006

       Like all mirrors for this purpose, they reposition according to the position of the sun many times a day.
twitch, Nov 22 2006

       //pay less for their lighting bill during the daytime//   

       There's a flaw in that plan somewhere..........
webfishrune, Nov 22 2006

       Most of the public buildings where I am (satellite city halls, schools, libraries, etc.) keep all their lights on while they are open, especially because these buildings are more enclosed for air conditioning, because of the salt air conditions.   

       It doesn't have to be solar cells.. it can be a stirling engine, or water, or salt, or whatever technology has been spitting out lately.
twitch, Nov 22 2006

       This is kind of costly to make hundreds of unique mirror tracking systems that are then subject to wind and foreign object (tree limbs) damage. Also the nature people are bound to be annoyed that you are cooking or blinding the birds that attempt to nest in that new tower you built.
MisterQED, Jul 02 2008

       The biggest problem I can see is with aiming.
kevinthenerd, Jul 02 2008

       // The biggest problem I can see is with aiming.//   

       You mean putting them in the hands of thousands of idiots who realise they can focus their sunlight on radio masts, planes, tall buildings etc and cause mayhem right?
Bad Jim, Jul 03 2008


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