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Conc limit

amount of substance for a set level of needed reaction time.
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Disclaimer: Due to the ability of statistics this idea is going to be slighty nebulous for the specific case.

A reaction usually is the action taken by the brains processing under the circumstance faced. Being human, this can range wildly.

Given a drug, or for that matter any substance, there will be an amount that causes a loss of logical cognition of circumstance and eventual consciousness. This is a starting limit and any amount over this is a loss of control/being there carries the gossip effects thereof.

Under this limit there will be an amount of metabolic inclusion that still obtains the needed logical reaction time for the circumstance. The Conc limit is set at a statistical level of 10% of normal reaction time. There is a portion of the population operating at this level(hopefully they don't take drugs).Some drugs will have a Conc limit, some won't.

Of course, nature is more complex. Some drugs will speed reaction time but only within a certian metabolic window. A really short period of time for the drive to the dairy ( a NZ convenience store) The rescue, stastically, could be a time averaged amount.

Drinking? Conc-ed out yet?

wjt, Dec 04 2019

STOP! https://www.justpar...reaction-time-test/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 04 2019]

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       Can anybody translate? All I'm able to understand is that this somehow defines a level of inebriation where your reaction time is on average 10% longer than usual. I think.
notexactly, Dec 04 2019

       There's a test [link] to determine your age depending on reaction time. Apparently I'm 19 and holding.
This would make decent app on your phone to set a base-line conc level.

       With a few beers, I got progressively better from very very old. Not at all like real life, I would have been dead.   


       [notexactly] Yes, but I may have been in error. not 10% longer, the shift from of the population from normal arithetic mean to the 10th percentile mark. Not having the data, I don't know if that linearly relates to 40% slower reaction time.
wjt, Dec 06 2019

       //With a few beers, I got progressively better from very very old.//   

       Are you saying that your reaction time becomes faster after a few drinks?
Because that goes against all of the studies.
A kindred spirit.

       All the more reason for a Conk level test.
The problem though is that you get what you sift for, and if high Conk tolerance folks are targeted it just further thickens an already really 'thick' pre-existing glass ceiling against such types as far as I have been able to determine in the half century I've been one of those people who wake up under anesthetics and such.

       Why... it's like we don't exist or something.   


       ...but what do I know?   

       Sorry no, with a few beers on board, I started poorly and improved with more tries. You are still the uniquely you we know and enjoy.
wjt, Dec 07 2019



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