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Confederation Referenda

A lot of the world's countries of today are just the ceasefire lines of yesterday's wars. People should be allowed to opt out of their countries.
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I'll concede at the very outset that this is just never going to happen; I just think it should.

The concrete? ... er ... specific ... details have been working well for years, now, in the Republics of Autonomia (no, no really, I waive the poetry prize) and are as follows: every state of these countries has the right of confederation, but Autonomia has a conflicting right of union.

Last year Oddballia had yet another confederation referendum, and yet again managed to gain the required 70% of the vote (the high percentage being ia. protection against dead hands ruling from the grave), and finally the federation voters failed to raise the 55% required to sustain a refusal of cecession in this case (higher federation percentages being needed to trump greater support for secession). Oddballia is now in a confederal union with Autonomia, and if the secessionists can sustain enthusiasm for their cause, perhaps in 50 years time they'll have taken another step in that direction. However next year the unionists in Oddballia will be asking for a return to how things were, and it's quite possible that the wisdom of the longer view proves to be in their favour.

So whatever function is devised to give effect to this, has two variables instead of one, and provides lots of time for mature reflection / no "quick political profits".

The principle is that the locals own their region. It doesn't belong to central government; it doesn't belong to the neighboring government; it belongs to the people living there. Freedom of association is the only basis for cobbling the little territories of the world together, and if you build in the kinds of protection against stupidity like the above, the principle would become implementable.

Payoff? Less war and rumours of war.

skoomphemph, Apr 23 2014

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       This already exists; look up "the sovereignty of the people".   

       Unfortunately neighbouring states tend to organise themselves on the principle of "the sovereignty of the crown", and then the wearer of the crown asks his loyal subjects to invade and annexe the unruly neighbour.   

       It's a bit like the green anarchists with their autonomous independent self-suficient villages. It's all lovely until the industrial military regime arrives and enslaves them all.
pocmloc, Apr 23 2014


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