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Connectable Phone Cases

"Hold my phone" "How? My hands are full" "With your phone"
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Imagine phone cases with little lego-like connectors all over them. When your friend asks you to hold their phone, instead of trying to find an empty pocket to put it in (mine always seem to be full of pencils, toothpaste, spark plugs, and the like) you can just snap it onto the back of your phone. Maybe your friends all decide to go swimming, you can lock your phones together in one super-phone that won't blow away in the wind or fall through the cushions of a couch. Perhaps it's date night and you don't want the distraction of technology. Stick your phones together so that whenever either of you picks it up, the other can say "Put down my phone!".

Once the idea catches on (as it inevitably will), some software enhancements might pop up. For example, it's movie night, but no one brought a computer. You can connect a bunch of phones edge to edge and use them as a screen. Or lay this phone-mesh on the table and play a virtual board game. The possibilities are endless!

mace, Oct 03 2017

You may have just created a method to bake my idea .... LED_20LCD_20Puzzle_20Pieces
[normzone, Oct 03 2017]


       // Perhaps it's date night and you don't want the distraction of technology. //   

       Not quite following you there ... can you explain ?
8th of 7, Oct 03 2017

       What [Jutta] won't say.
Voice, Oct 04 2017

       Why not use magnets instead of lego connectors.
Bobble, Oct 10 2017

       Magnets are a better idea, but I still like lego. Magnetic lego, perhaps?
mace, Oct 10 2017

       Seems a logical choice to me.
RayfordSteele, Oct 24 2017


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