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Conspiracy Theory Moratorium

Ban on conspiracy theories relating to recent events.
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As everyone is asking "who did it" and "why didn't the CIA/NSA know beforehand" I'm sure more people than me will wonder if they actually did.

So, in order to avoid thousands of websites and 10second news items with conspiracy theories about who-wanted-what-to-happen-when-and-where-and-why ban such theories for 75 years. Starting......now.

zero5, Sep 14 2001

(?) "The Lone Gunmen" pilot episode recap http://www.mightybi...y=1416&limit=&sort=
Page 6 and 7 specifically deal with the "attack". [mrkillboy, Sep 14 2001]


       I think zero5 did it.
gd, Sep 14 2001

       About two weeks before the disaster, one of the TV networks in Oz premiered the pilot of the show "The Lone Gunmen". The plot involved a conspiracy theory in which a terrorist attack was staged in order to create an excuse to increase weapons spending.   

       The "attack" was to fly an airliner into one of the WTC towers. The conspirators remotely flew the plane, but the trio managed to avert disaster at the last possible second.   

       When I first heard about what happened in NY, that was one of the first things I thought about.
mrkillboy, Sep 14 2001

       Until he is seen on the same room at the same time with each halfbaker - those who have not spoken are suspects.
thumbwax present and accounted for------SIR.
thumbwax, Sep 14 2001


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