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Constantly Punching Hands

A Cafe where people can meet and punch hands.
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This is a cafe for people who enjoy making fists and punching their own hands together, or the hands of others. It allows for a safe, neutral environment, where folks from all races and creeds can punch hands comfortably while enjoying crappy world music, and an overpriced designer beverage with zen connotations. Band-aids are available for aggressive handpunchers, also overpriced.
The Govenor, May 23 2001

[waug] http://www.halfbake...0creates_20a_20link
Maybe because of this? [PotatoStew, May 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Is it me? Did I wake up somehow *wrong* today? First 'bring back barbapapa', now this. I'm starting to feel the need for that anti-psychosis medication that [waugsqueke] recommended. I'm sorry, but I just *don't understand*.
angel, May 23 2001, last modified May 24 2001

       waugsqueke: see link. Maybe the [ ] thing is in anticipation of that idea being implemented, although I have no reason to think that there are actually any plans to implement it (jutta?)   

       At one point I had done the [ ] thing, simply because I saw other people doing it, but then I noticed that not everyone did it, so it started to seem kind of silly.
PotatoStew, May 23 2001

       No, there are no plans to implement this. Thanks for not jumping to conclusions.   

       [Purpose? It's a typographical mannerism that reminds author and reader that the entity being talked about is a username. There's no significance to it.]
jutta, May 23 2001

       I didn't think so, since you hadn't even commented on the idea. So, as one who has used this convention in her annotations, can you explain its purpose to us?
PotatoStew, May 23 2001

       This is a good idea as long as you *add* a special room for people who prefer head butting to hand punching..... the room could have padded walls to butt your head against unless you find someone who agrees to mutually butt their head with yours....
Susen, May 23 2001

       I'm all for strange and bizarre, believe you me. But this is just weird.
globaltourniquet, May 23 2001

       ...and greater approval from globaltourniquet is a sure benchmark of success.
globaltourniquet, May 23 2001

       Is clapping or slapping of hands allowed?
PotatoStew, May 23 2001

       I do the [] thing for the reason that [jutta] mentions - a typographical mannerism - not because I expect (or hope) that it will link. I noticed that some others were doing it and it seemed logical.
As to this actual idea, I'm just giving up.
angel, May 24 2001

       Every once in a while an idea is posted that is so out of bounds I immediately like it but can't explain why.   

       This is one of them.   

       >>Even the name is off-key: is it Govenor rather than Governor for a reason?<<
iuvare, May 24 2001

       Just checked out this idea. I do not have a clue what this is about. Waugs, was the square brackets thing just a diversion?
Ivy, May 24 2001

       This seems to me to be an extension of a Bizarre Metaphor. Try to understand it conventionally and you may as well be constantly punching hands.   

       re: the [ ] thing. I adopted this when I arrived because other people were doing it and it seemed logical. A typographical mannerism, yes, which I feel is used to directly and obviously attract the attention of another halfbaker. There is a certain satisfaction in scrolling down the page and seeing your name leap out in this fashion (or, at least, there is for me).
Rodomontade, May 24 2001

       Have you noticed that the guy who posted this doesn't seem keen to explain? It's like garnut alboir sicomg. He's sitting there watching us all looking for the sense when, in reality, *there is none*.
angel, May 24 2001

       //certain satisfaction in scrolling down the page and seeing your name leap out in this fashion//   

       ... swiftly followed by deflation and a swelling sense of hollowness when you notice that your name has been cruelly parodied ...   

       (looking back on that, I sense some contradiction between 'deflation' and 'swelling sense' ... never mind)
Rodomontade, May 24 2001

       i thought that this would be medical condition with which veteran boxers would be afflicted.
mihali, May 24 2001

       As I sit here in a quiet computer lab and the conversation turns to mush I start to feel really surreal. Anybody else getting that?
salmon, May 24 2001

       Mush in the squee after sense to all?
PotatoStew, May 24 2001

       Personally, I think this punching hands thing is great. Sometimes I just really want to punch a hand, but my own are so bruised I usually have to punch my face instead. Big ups, The Govenor.

As for the [] thing, I use them when addressing someone personally at the beginning of an annotation as it can help grab their attention. If I were to mention something to thumbwax, I'd do it as such:

[thumbwax]- do you still have my rocket launcher?

whereas if I were to mention this in a sentence I'd do it like this:

I wonder if thumbwax still has my rocket launcher?
AfroAssault, Sep 27 2001

       I missed this discussion first time round, maybe because it was my birthday.

       The square brackets convention seems a good one, and well worth adopting. I've always capitalised usernames before, and felt slightly uncomfortable about it, but, (to disagree with [ravenswood]), unless one adopts a new convention to replace the traditional one, the meaning can easily become unclear.   

       Incidentally, I've never felt the urge to punch anyone on the fist. I'm all in favour of people doing this in their own cafe.
Lemon, Sep 27 2001

edski, Sep 27 2001

       [AfroAssault] 8th of 7 has your rocket launcher - it nearly got crushed when we met at the NBA Slam...
thumbwax, Nov 25 2002


       <reads idea again>   


k_sra, Mar 10 2005

       Still the finest idea on the halfbakery.
calum, Jan 22 2013

       Obviously this establishment would need to use over-sized cutlery as most customers will probably find it impossible to grip normal-sized cutlery in their hugely swollen and bleeding hands.
DrBob, Jan 22 2013

       I feel the spirit of the idea was somewhat lost in the cryptic [ discussion. I am glad this came up, so I can give it my bun, and punch my hands together, and hum some crappy world music.
bungston, Jan 22 2013

       I thought this idea might be worth resurrecting since the COVID19 crisis appears to have baked it.
Lemon, Sep 12 2020

       There was a dangling left square bracket in bungston]'s annotation
pertinax, Sep 12 2020


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