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Construction toy

Using corrugated board
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Peg-in-hole toys are as old as cave-dwelling ... and TinkerToys.

But corrugated board, [plastic or woodpulp]; a pair of safe-scissors and plastic pegs to fit tightly into the corrugations would be new ... I think.

Some pegs would be straight half-in-half-out joiners; some would be right-angle bent for walls; others 45degree bent for rooves.

Woops. All those little pegs would be dangerous to little kids. Forget it I thought.

"Hold on," said a kindergarten teacher I showed the pegs-in-edge of-corrugated-board principle to, using beheaded matches.

She played around for while then said, "Look. It's a grown-ups' toy for making your dream house on a tabletop. See. Like this."

Later, I left her and her new husband hacking up bits of board for walls, and using side-cutters to cut pegs from plastic-coated wire.

I felt miffed. They had fried my raw egg of an idea before I'd even cracked it.

rayfo, Jul 06 2001

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       K'Nex rules. My ten-year old is all over that toy, the little schnookums.
globaltourniquet, Jul 06 2001

       :::awwww::: Just say the word 'construction', and you all become little boys again, even PeterSealy! I think it's sweet.
lewisgirl, Jul 06 2001

       What do you mean "again"? I've been a little boy for decades.
wiml, Jul 06 2001

       Inside me there's this ten-year-old still "constructing" with his Meccano, [without the manual]. It's the point at which my mental and emotional growth peaked and ceased. Ask my wife if you doubt it.
rayfo, Jul 08 2001

       What is this unhealthy obsession women have with growing up?
globaltourniquet, Jul 08 2001


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