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Context Prioritized Online Dictionary

Online dictionary priotrizing according the context
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Web browsers has built in dictionaries. While reading a web page if you come up with a word you don't know its meaning you may click on it and your online dictionary will present you the corresponding dictionary entry for this word.

Many words has several meanings, our usual online dictionaries list these definitions starting from the most frequent use to the least.

I suggest that the online dictionary analyse the text we have been reading and priotrize and order the possible matches according to the context.

If we are reading something about fishing, the word "bass" most probably represent "a kind of fish" and searching for this word our online dictionary shall list that meaning first. But if it is an article about music, it shall list the relavent musical definition first.

can1073, Nov 30 2007


       So the browser would still show all definitions, just order them based on what it thinks the context is?
phoenix, Nov 30 2007

       Additionally, it could display a list of sales on bass guitars, inform multi-national guitar companies that they might expect a drop in lead guitar sales, as well as simply let your family know you are interested in bass guitars, and send an email to the white house letting the government know that an troubling interest in bass guitaring is growing. Lastly, could prompt Microsoft to consider releasing a fully gradiated product line, including: windows vista bass guitar home professional edition SE.   

       But I could swear that this is already baked. Google probably uses something like this in gmail...
mylodon, Nov 30 2007


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