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Context feeder for language disambiguation

Describe environments and help AI with them
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"The bass line is too weak" means something different in a studio from in a boat, as does "feed me" in a restaurant from a newsroom and the verb "wipe" in a nursery from a skate park. Until the environmental context is known this represents a hard limit to language disambiguation.

I propose a companion application to natural language receiving AIs that would perform thusly:

It would provide a constant feed of what type of environment it's in and the objects and behaviors of the people around it. Recognizing a mug it would output "mug". Seeing a man carrying a box it would output "moving things". Seeing people shouting with stress in their voices it would output "emergency". This feed could be taken in by the language receiving AI and help disambiguate whatever is said to it.
Voice, Feb 09 2014


       It won't always work, I fear. My missus once asked for a corned beef sandwich 'with onion'. 'Funny' I thought, 'maybe it's a local delicacy round her way', and obligingly made her a sandwich containing corned beef with honey on. Not unpleasant, she maintained, but not quite what had been specified.
bhumphrys, Feb 09 2014


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