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Contextual Predictive Text

you know what I'm going to say.
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Imagine a context such as new year's day. Surely my mobile should know that as soon as I type "h a p" I'm going to want Happy New Year ? (especially once I've done it once already)

similarly :

before lunch, I'm much more likely to use the word 'lunch' in a text,

or (given that my cellphone knows stuff like this),it knows it's my friend Rach's birthday today, couldn't it pre-prepare a text message along these lines, so that I (a) remember (b) just fill in the blanks before sending,

or it knows that If I start sending a text at 18:30 on a weekday I'm bound to be suggesting a drink somewhere.

P.S. you can tur n CPT off in the settings menu.
neilp, Jan 01 2004

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       Nice (+)
hazel, Jan 06 2004

       Meat concert.
Detly, Jan 06 2004

       Likewise, any text written on a Monday morning is more likely to contain the word "crap". Any text to the phone-owner's partner is likely to start with the word "sorry" and end with "love you" (or if the phone-owner is male "me too").
dobtabulous, Jan 06 2004

       could it also predict who you are going to send the message to via a calendar or previous habits? ie. its 18:30, [neilp] always texts [timgarood] at this time of day to ask about going for a drink.
jonthegeologist, Jan 06 2004

       It always seemed a little half-arsed, prefixing my girlfriends name with "AAA." Now she thinks she's a battery.
Detly, Jan 06 2004


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