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'QWERTY' mobile phone

Make typing text messages faster.
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When typing on a mobile, you have to press the same key a certain number of times to get the letter you want. If you then need another letter on that key you have to press across or wait half a second or so.

If the most common letter combinations are known (e.g. t followed by h) then the letters could be scattered to allow the fastest possible typing.

*Can anyone think of a better category?*

RobertKidney, Jan 01 2004

T9 predictive text input http://www.t9.com/
Acquire it. [waugsqueke, Oct 05 2004]

Not this, then? http://www.nokia.co...kia/0,,4486,00.html
Nokia 6800 with built-in qwerty keyboard. [st3f, Oct 05 2004]


       Get a phone with predictive text.
silverstormer, Jan 01 2004

       what [silver] said.
jonthegeologist, Jan 01 2004

       I hate predictive text. It doesn't work, names especially. A QWERTY, like on a Blackberry, is actually much faster, especially with names.   

       That said, I think there's a Nokia that does this.
Baker^-1, Jan 01 2004

       Pretty much every US provider has a BlackBerry mobile phone now that has a qwerty keyboard, pocket PC phones have those as well.
theircompetitor, Jan 01 2004

       Maybe putting Qwerty in the title was misleading. I don't want a qwerty layout as such, but one designed to be the most efficient use of around 12 keys.   

       Hmm, now playing around with predictive text. Suprised I haven't played with it before, but then I thought it was more like the way internet explorer completes urls. It seems to be good, but I still think an adjusted layout could be useful for people who dislike predictive text (not sure if I'm in that category at the moment).
RobertKidney, Jan 01 2004

       I'm not keen on predictive text. I used to be able to text one-handed without looking at the screen -- something I was able to learn easily because the phone had an ordered layout.
st3f, Jan 01 2004

       Categories? How does 'Product: Cell Phone: Messaging: Input' suit you?
st3f, Jan 01 2004

       Bleh, cell phone. Oddly enough they are never called that by anyone I know. Thanks.   

       And no, I'm thinking of an ordinary mobile phone keypad, but with the letters all jumbled up (it sounds like such a good idea when I say it like that, don't you think?).
RobertKidney, Jan 01 2004


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