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Continuous CD Changer

No pauses!
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I recently saw on the web a cd changer that actually had three little cd players complete with optical units and motors. The device supposedly changed CDs with no pause because cds did not have to be moved on carousels.

Also, there are portable players with memory buffers, so if the device shakes, the player keeps playing and correct itself before you even hear the part of the music that skipped.

I propose a 5-CD changer, using any method of storing multiple CDs (carousel, magazine, etc.) that had a 10-second memory buffer, or however long it takes to switch to another CD. Then, the player will be 10 seconds ahead of what the person hears, so when the CDs change, it plays from memory, eliminating the pause.

<note>I'm sorry about how unclear this idea is, I'm tired today. I'll try to rewrite it tomorrow</note>

-----, Dec 05 2004


       The idea is fine and not unclear at all.   

       Given good buffer integrity you probably only need two CD transports/changers, A-B roll, to achieve seamless segues between tracks.
bristolz, Dec 05 2004

       Seems obvious after you point it out. Never really realized how annoying that was until you pointed it out. Thanks, I think.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 05 2004

       Do you even need two? I think one could manage it as long as the track/disc (whichever you are using as your switch interval) length is long enough... 15-20 seconds?   

       I'm not saying I've seen it done, just that I think it's possible. How long does it take a really fast CD reader to read 80 minutes of music going as fast as practical into a buffer?
swamilad, Dec 05 2004

       It's the robotic disc changer that's the weak link and time sucker. That's why I think a pair are necessary for switches.
bristolz, Dec 05 2004

       Agreed, those are the problem. I just though they could be compensated for. Certainly a pair is easier. Now can [-----] find a way for any disc to be read by either pickup, so I can have the exact playlist I want?
swamilad, Dec 05 2004

       This sounds like every multi-disc player on the market. What makes it different, again?
contracts, Dec 05 2004

       What makes it different is that I have yet to see a player for more than three disks which does not produce a noticeable pause when switching from one to another (I have seen some professional units with three mechanisms but that's rather specialized).   

       To be sure, some changers are much better than others, since some allow the new disk to be gotten nearly into a position before swapping out the old one. A properly-employed memory buffer, however, could make transitions absolutely seamless.
supercat, Dec 05 2004

       I think you misunderstood. The CD player would be the exact same as now, but the CD player would run at a higher speed until it is 15 seconds ahead of the audio, while the audio is buffered through a memory cache. That way, the cd player turns/switches between CDs 15 seconds before the previous CD stops playing. It plays from memory until the song ends, and then it switches immediately to the next CD
-----, Dec 05 2004

       Is there a category for CD player?
-----, Dec 05 2004

       Seems the proponderance of mp3 (et al) players will likely make this a moot point before long.
waugsqueke, Dec 05 2004

       People still use CDs, [waugsqueke].
-----, Jul 09 2005


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