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Erasable, Non-Rewritable CDs

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CDs by recording artists you dislike, which you can buy, take home, erase on your CD burner, and leave blank.
Ander, Sep 09 2000

Aluminum Packaging Recycling Organisation http://www.alufoil.co.uk/AFCMA-1.htm
FAQ about foil in microwaves. The old myth about 'no foil in microwaves' was due to the early design of magnetrons, and because of the (more common and dangerous) problem of static charge arcing igniting things. If you ever take apart a microwave popcorn heating element, guess what you'll find? Sputtered Al on cardboard. The microscopic arcs make the heat to pop the corn. [koz, Sep 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


StarChaser, Sep 09 2000

       There's already been an auction fo the right to destroy a Chihuly piece.
hello_c, Sep 09 2000

       10 seconds in the microwave on high works for me. Looks good, too.
koz, Sep 09 2000

       Must be great for making overpriced drink coasters.
mrkillboy, Sep 10 2000

       10 seconds on high???? try 2 seconds on low! real pretty....but get out the video camera and watch it again and again without frying the microwave (similar to foil)
cybercyph, Sep 10 2000

       Why make the CD NON-rewriteable? I'd love to wipe some of my old CDs and store data on them instead. This is especially true for CDs that have 1 or 2 great songs on them, but also have 10-12 crappy songs as well (like a few CDs from Soul Asylum and Days Of The New).   

       Currently I burn the songs I like into a compilation and sell the CDs themselves to a second-hand music store. If they don't take it, I glue a cork circle on the printed side of the CDs and use them as coasters- really! (I normally use AOL CDs instead, mrkillboy, but old crappy music CDs work just as well.)   

       Using a rewriteable CD for recordings of certain bands would be a lot more useful in my case. I could use the dead CDs to record MP3s instead. I've already got enough coasters now.
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       Does anyone miss AOL floppies? For awhile AOL was even nice enough to change colors every month or so, though it seemed that eventually all I'd get were the white and green label design, and even that gave way to those useless CD's.   

       Any idea if they'd work in a 'trap' [i.e. "pigeon tosser"]?
supercat, Sep 21 2000

       I miss the free floppies too...I don't think they'd work as skeet, too light. If you had something designed to use them, though, it might work. Besides, they're free. If it takes some experimentation, so what?
StarChaser, Sep 21 2000

       I enjoy frying my old CDs in the chip fryer. Other than that, I melt holes in them with a cigarette lighter.
PotatoPete, Apr 05 2001

       //I don't think they'd work as skeet, too light.//   

       CD's do indeed sorta work as skeet targets, though it's hard to throw them so as to leave the flat side toward the shooter. If hit edge-on, they tend to chip rather than shattering nicely.
supercat, Apr 05 2001

       how to erase cds like AOL and music CDs? email me please....at khameleom@yahoo.com
khameleom, May 04 2001

       I'm amazed how many people took this seriously (or didn't read the end of the subtitle: "...and leave them blank." Today---two years later---I got the following email (and I kid you not): "I read your post about erasing CDs of AOL or bands you don't like and leaving them blank. How does that work? Do you need a special program? I have Nero and Adaptec and neither of them will do it. Thanks." I feel like one of those people who start those ridiculous email hoaxes.
Ander, Sep 24 2002


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