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Continuous authentication

authenticate a user throughout their session
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User authentication is becoming increasingly more important. Schemes such as fingerprint identification have been shown to be easily foiled by copying a fingerprint on a piece of scotch tape and scanning that.

I propose a new system where a keyboard has fingerprint identification scanners on each key. The system you are using also has a typing profile for each user, so it sees if they follow their typing habits (time between keystrokes, mistakes, keypress time, etc. ). So, if someone tries to foil the fingerpring identification, they ruin their typing profile.

That way you can be reasonably certain about who is typing on a keyboard.

lawpoop, Dec 26 2003

Typing biometrics http://www.niitcrcs.com/projects/bio.htm
Brief description. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]

KeyboardPrint http://www.halfbake.../idea/KeyboardPrint
Previous HB idea. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       but then when i am holding my baby and have to type one handed, will it lock me out of my computer because it doesn't think its me?
babyhawk, Dec 26 2003

       I suspect that if you are monitoring the typing signature, you do not gain any incremental advantage by constantly checking fingerprints.   

       But, like babayhawk, my typing signature is often wrecked because I have to type one handed, or I've hurt a finger and can't use it, or I'm holding a pen or phone in one or other hand as I type.
DrCurry, Dec 26 2003

       We've had the idea of using typing rhythms and characteristic errors before (see dja's KeyboardPrint link). The annotations to that idea discuss adding fingerprint recognition to the mix. The rhythm/pattern method is baked in the real world and is known as typing biometrics, keystroke verification, typing rhythms, or typing recognition, depending on who you ask.
kropotkin, Dec 26 2003

       Also the term "keystroke dynamics" is used.
krelnik, Dec 26 2003

       OK, so, The point of they fingerprint authentication is for when your typing profile is disabled or "shut-down" in hip-hop parlance by a baby or finger injury.   

       Then, it *automatically* creates a new signature of your broken-ass typing. It can do this because it already knows your fingerprints.
lawpoop, Dec 28 2003

       [UnaBubbba] Why would they hate it? Because it reveals their identity?   

       Or, because they often are typing with one hand? ;) That problem is solved with the fingerprint authentication.
lawpoop, Dec 30 2003

       _ "Pornhounds are gonna hate this idea."   

       Or it could work by semen sample.
Loris, Jan 20 2004

       [UB] It's not just fingers that have unique prints.
Detly, Jan 22 2004

       What happens if they just got in from a late party, and are slightly sloshed? Or they just got finished lifting and their arms are twitchy? Or any other number of situations. Also, wouldnt it have a hard time getting your fingerprint when you are only touching the keys with a very small portion of your finger, which changes each time?
excaliber, Feb 04 2004


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