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Bill Gates, je bent een ongelooflijke kaasbal
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A worldwide database where people can upload and download their favorite swears and curses.

You (randomly) download and save short audio-swears. So that when you CONTROL-ALT-DELETE your PC, its last words before it dies are not the monotone Windows "I just died" sounds or dead-quietness, but a serious series of angry human words. [If this isn't possible because everything crashed so seriously that even this little app doesn't work, program it so that it swears after the PC has started up again].

We don't want to grant Bill Gates the last word when we kill our own damned PCs.

Since Windows crashes are universal, the database will contain swearing in all languages of the world.

So the more you use Windows, the better you learn how to swear in different languages.

Et maintenant fiche-moi le camps, petite s@l*pe!

django, Sep 04 2004


       stickin' it to the man? I like it. when are swearing objects not a good thing?
schematics, Sep 05 2004

       Make the swearer separate from the rest of the computer; and then all that's required is a single signal to trigger it.
Detly, Sep 05 2004

       I wonder if such a program doesn't exist somewhere on the internet. Now if only I could be bothered to look. [+] for the idea.
hidden truths, Jan 29 2006

       At first I thought: Great idea! In case you hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete accidentally, the computer won't restart unless you also swear at the same time.
phundug, Jan 30 2006

       If the system is alive enough to be able to run that program, it should not need to be rebooted.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2006


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