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Control Remote

Discreet subliminal messaging for the home
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This small battery powered box has a scart plug and scart socket and sits in line with the signal from your sky/freeview/whatever box. It also has a miniature IR sensor dangling from it which can be taped to the underside of your television.

Usually the device passes the incoming signal straight through to your television but it can interrupt that signal to display a simple message in large black and white type for one frame only. Using the provided remote it can be programmed to store up to ten simple messages, these can be triggered by the provided remote or you can program the receiver to respond to signals from any one of those spare buttons on your tv remote that have cryptic symbols and no discernable function.

Once the novelty of subliminal cues such as "MORE BEER", "FEELING HORNY" and "WANT SNACKS" has worn off, why not branch out into more creative avenues such as "SING HANDEL'S MESSIAH", "PAINT WITH YOUR FEET" or "QUACKING IS FUN".

wagster, Mar 23 2006


       "CHOMP ON THIS" +
xenzag, Mar 23 2006

hippo, Mar 23 2006

methinksnot, Mar 23 2006

       Great name. +
imaginality, Mar 24 2006

       Scart plug/socket?
When are we? 1987?
But a good idea, nonetheless.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 24 2006


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