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Conversational Text Markup

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There is already a speech synthsis markup language call SSML: http://www.w3.org/TR/speech-synthesis/1

But maybe there could be a more lightweight version?


... :: indicates pause in speech

* :: can be used to ephasis words in speech

/<switch> :: at end of the line indicates how entire sentence should be carried out ( e.g. /s sarcasm tag )

"scare quotes" :: Or maybe sarcasm is better done as scare quotes " around the sarcastic expression?

:D :: emotion icons can perhaps be used to indicate previous statement should be carried out in a certain tone. e.g. This really doesn't make me feel good D:

| :: Section Delimiter.

"" :: Allows for safer inclusion of string.

[google](google.com) :: Link or point to an external concept, or extra notes

(#id) :: This represents a concept. (E.g. a url, or a mouse pointer coordinate etc...)

Key:Value :: Could be used to indicate name of speaker. Or it could be used to store priority of speech. etc...


E.g. Perhaps it can be used as a way to store how an avatar should speak on a instructional page? (e.g. They could point to certain section of a page automatically at various points of the conversation.)

" General:Hello class |(#hello)| detailed: So as you can see, you are meant to point at the cat. |(#cat)| General: Or maybe you want to see me move a mouse | {type:mouse,x:32,y:23,action:click}"


E.g. Or it can be a text log

" Mark: Hi how are you? | Sam: I am good, how about you? | Mark: I am feeling **suuupper** ecstatic. :D \s | Sam: Did... something happen to you?"

Doesn't have to be single line tho:

| Mark: Hi how are you?
| Sam: I am good, how about you?
| Mark: I am feeling **suuupper** ecstatic. :D \s
| Sam: Did... something happen to you? D: "


Since this is more conversationally based markup language. This could be useful in terms of creating a lightweight conversational markup language that would work well in instant messaging or IRC. So in general, this speech markup language should aim for speed of writing.


tl;dr: The concept is a lightweight markup based on how people talk in instant messaging or IRC. This is unlike markdown's source of influence, which is more based on emails and forum posts.

mofosyne, Jan 15 2015


       Yes! I think Shakespeare would have been so much better with this.
zeno, Jan 15 2015


       You just made that up..
not_morrison_rm, Jan 15 2015

       e-phasia - where what you think your saying, when you're typing, isn't even remotely related to what the people on the Internet are reading.   

       //synthsis// something robotic, Japanese and just a little bit naughty ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 15 2015

       //I am good// sp. I am well.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2015


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