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Convertible Travel Pillow for Upright Seating

For use while travelling in an upright position.
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When two people attempt to lean against each other to sleep, it presents problems, particularly when their heights are similar.

The CTPUS is an elongated, flattened pillow, about half a metre long, and about 15 cm wide. It has three hinges, about 10 cm apart, at the centre. The hinges have a locking system, where a button or twist-lock mechanism projects along the axis of rotation, through the short side of the pillow.

The pillow can be used in three ways:

(1) For two people of similar heights, it can be formed into a kite, with the short sides resting on their shoulders, and their heads resting on the long ones.

(2) For two people of dissimilar heights, it can be zigzagged over the shorter person's head, then the taller person's shoulder, then the shorter person's shoulder.

(3) For one person, it can be used in a large triangular form, as with (1), or with two segments making half a wedge, and the other two going straight down, to provide cushioning against a wall or bulkhead.

Alx_xlA, Sep 08 2010

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       The bun and bone are both circling in a holding pattern waiting for some diagrams, please! If you can't do that, I may settle for a pronunciation guide to the word CTPUS!
jamobaker, Sep 08 2010


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