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ButtCast Pillows

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Have a 3D map made of your butt, (edit as necessary,) then have produced a number of pillows in that shape. Give to friends as sofa throws.
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2009

ButtCast Pillows is a great way.... Lapland
... to get people hooked on a *slightly* exploitative niche. [daseva, Jul 03 2009]


       I love it. I have a link to relate. I think it's nice, this whole 'sleeping on people' genre.   

       Also, please consider 'LapCast' Pillows. As well as 'FaceCast' pillows for your lovely (read: abysmal) feline friend.   

       I demand more buns. I'm aware such a demand may be counterproductive. Well then, go sleep on an ass!
daseva, Jul 03 2009

       Some one has to say it..."Does my bum look big in this cast?"
blissmiss, Jul 03 2009


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