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Cooking with man made gas

Sequester farts and cook food with them
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This device consists of 1: a fart catcher, a bottle into which one farts. 2: a fart compressor, an air pump that connects to the fart catcher and pumps the methane into 3: A fart tank. This fart tank, when full, can be connected to one's gas line for free fuel.

edit: title because some humorless bastard would have complained about "Efficient usage of cooking: gas"
Voice, Dec 22 2010

Taken from my post? Efficient_20usage_20of_20cooking_20gas
On my second post I joked about doing this. [metarinka, Dec 24 2010]


       I worry about energy density. I think you might be better off eating a healthy, fiber rich diet then drying and burning your dung.
bungston, Dec 22 2010

       !! "..drying and burning your ... "!!! Oh, "d*u*ng". Okay, then.
baconbrain, Dec 23 2010

       humans don't produce enough methane to do this. It would take the whole village just to warm up one can of beans.   

       They also sort of do this with cow's already save for the fact that they use it to generate electricity. the equipment to refine the gas costs over a million though, so it's only economical for large farms with grants.
metarinka, Dec 24 2010

       [+] I am a strong supporter of fart-fuels.
Jscotty, Dec 24 2010

       // It would take the whole village just to warm up one can of beans. //   

       Recursion: See under "Recursion"....
8th of 7, Dec 24 2010

       Farts are mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen. I think it could be done by way of fractional distillation. Hydrogen sulphide, which is supposedly not present in all farts, has an unusually high boiling point and could be separated quite easily but is also quite toxic. It can't be that concentrated in farts even when it's present because of that toxicity. Methane would be a better bet because its toxicity is low. The mixture would then be nitrogen and methane.   

       You'd be better off with poo.
nineteenthly, Dec 24 2010

       What is the ratio of the potential energy of the flammable gasses in a fart, to the kinetic energy of the fart as it rushes forth from arse to world? Would it not be better to install an anal turbine?
pocmloc, Dec 24 2010

       //They also sort of do this with cow's already //   

       That's rediculous. Do you have ANY idea how many farts it would take to warm up a cow??
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2010

       In India they're going the digester route. They don't see the sense in pumping to poison our bio- products. Very small scale units digest to methane, to cook with. For the Mother of all Smelly Farts make baked beans up as normal but add bacon in uncooked instead of cooked.
Steven J Scannell, Jan 01 2011

       metarinka, the equipment needed to separate out the methane from the gas produced by biodigesting the poo of few thousand cows might cost over a million dollars, but:   

       For cooking, heating, and on-site energy production, the gas from a biodigester doesn't need to be purified into methane -- it can be used as is. It only needs to be purified if one wants to sell it to the local utility company.   

       Furthermore, biogas digesters can be made small scale.
goldbb, Jan 03 2011


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