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baking rake guard rails

A high-temperature, low-density plastic shields the baking racks to avoid burns.
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A high-temperature, low-density plastic is used along the front edge of a stove's baking racks to avoid burns. When baking, the plastic is at baking temperature, but it isn't able to conduct heat fast enough to burn skin. Also, the material would cool quickly. Ideally the racks could be grasped with a bare hand with no injury.
jeremyFaden, Jan 26 2007

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard by JazzInnovations http://www.jazinnov...set.html?MainFrame=
Very similar product currently in production. Sold online by Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath Beyond, firststreetonline.com, gourmetcottage.com. [jurist, Jan 28 2007]


       I am doubtful that any plastic could prevent heat transfer to a bare hand. And lifting the baking pan from the rack requires gloves. Not worth taking the chance when reaching into a hot oven
JSand, Jan 27 2007

       The plastic exists and the product exists. It was shown on "Good Eats" two days ago.
nomocrow, Jan 28 2007

       The Anolon SureGrip bakeware has silicon handles - but I haven't used them and don't know whether they meet the spec here or not.
jutta, Jan 28 2007


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