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Cordless hybrid screwdriver

When your battery runs out of juice, plug it into the wall.
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It's a dual power source screwdriver. Battery power as well as a cord you can plug into the screwdriver which can then be plugged into the wall if needed and continue drilling. So this way you can have it plugged in at all times, remove the plug and have the screwdriver cordless, or use cordless all the time and plug it in only when necessary. It's a very basic idea and I am not sure if it's a product but when I was looking around I didn't find one.
mbracke, Jun 01 2003

Non-alcoholic screwdrivers http://www.tools-n-...wdrivers/index.html
[Infinitely buzzing, Oct 04 2004]

Power Accessory http://shop.store.y...hed/dw24vaccon.html
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       Craftsman, Skill, Bosch and Makita all make a cordless rechargeable screwdriver.   

       Please take the time to do a google search for your ideas before posting them here.
ato_de, Jun 01 2003

       Sorry, I made a typo, the cord isn't to recharge battery, it's so you can continue drilling using a cord instead of battery
mbracke, Jun 01 2003

       A transformer with the same profile as the battery? Neat.
phoenix, Jun 01 2003

       if this is what I think it is, its a good idea. the battery charge always fails when you need that last most powerful, little bit of thrust.
po, Jun 02 2003

       Most cordless screwdrivers will recharge only when placed into their charger/holder making them unavailable for use until recharged. However, those which recharge using a wall wart (AC-DC adapter that plugs into the wall outlet and has a wire attached which plugs into the device) will normally contintue to work while plugged in as long as there is some power left in the battery. It doesn't have to be a full charge, just enough to get the driver going, so this idea is sort of baked.
Canuck, Jun 02 2003

FloridaManatee, Jun 02 2003

       [Rods Tiger] You're right, of course. I was just thinking about keeping the heft in the handle.
phoenix, Jun 02 2003

       Rods- Good Idea, much cheaper than buying an entire new screwdriver.
mbracke, Jun 05 2003

       How about adding an extra wire with a plug to fit your car's cigarette lighter? I've already done that to many old lower voltage types and guess what --12 volt DC not only works, but they run much faster and more powerfull too. I've also connected two others to a dc power supply at home and use them all the time.
bluto, Jun 05 2003

       This is really bugging me. My beard trimmer works exactly this way, but I can't find a screwdriver set up to save my life. Have a croissant.
ato_de, Jun 05 2003

       Baked I think. I have one at home. Black & Decker make 'em. Nifty little things, will double check tonite.
Infinitely buzzing, Jun 05 2003

mbracke, Jul 02 2003


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