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Cracker dispenser on the inside of pantry door facilitates pantry scouraging.
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This convenient stainless steel dispenser hangs on the inside of a pantry door and is stocked with the crackers of your choice. Crank the Crackerjack and a cracker comes out to munch on while you look for something to munch on.
daseva, Oct 23 2007

If you can understand this, it might be similar... http://www.patentst...6722526-claims.html
[xandram, Oct 23 2007]

Crackerjack! http://www.whirligi...ack/crackerjack.htm
It's a UK thing, (sheesh I'm showing my age.) [skinflaps, Oct 23 2007]

Crackerjack http://www.crackerjack.com/home.htm
What Crackerjack means to most North Americans. [Canuck, Oct 23 2007]


       Aside from copyright issues with the name, the only question I have is does it play music when you turn the crank to make the cracker come out?
edit:(Pop Goes The Weasel)
Canuck, Oct 23 2007

       did you mean Foraging?
Voice, Oct 23 2007

       scouraging is an interesting amalgam of several words, i'm thinking. "scrouge" means to crowd around or into... appropriate for cupboards. "scourge" of course, means to whip or beat severely and i'm not sure what use that has within the context of snacks, but stranger things have happened. then of course, there's "scrooge," which refers to the nasty habit of holding out on someone, which is what scrouged up cupboards do and they should be scourged for it, thus 'dis'-scouraging them from doing it in future.
k_sra, Oct 23 2007

       Hah! I didn't know I was being so sloppy with words. The insights and corrections are appreciated... I was indeed thinking along boysparks' terms, though k_sra has a good point!
daseva, Oct 23 2007


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