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Electric Guitar Pepper Grinder

When you just want the perfect grind
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I work in a restaurant, and every time meals are delivered, I offer fresh ground pepper out of our massive wooden pepper grinder. As it is long sometimes I end up air guitaring it, and thus leads to the Electric Guitar Salt & Pepper grinder.

Basically it is a mini guitar, with the six strings and each sting when strung delivers a grind of pepper according to the size of the string, so by playing an A bar cord I could deliver a good mix of pepper, or the top E string for big and chunky.

And for the delivery of salt, easy, a couple of tussles on the wa wa lever and out comes your freshly ground sea salt.

PS: May not be applicable to fine dining, but excellent for 60's Elvis wanna be restaurants.

PSS: The internal workings are still being worked on, and I am unsure as what happens if you break a string.

Supercruiser 5000, Sep 12 2005


       My understanding is that restaurants use over-sized pepper mills to deter theft; methinks this would make them more desirable to the light-fingered set. But what the heck, this is the loopiest idea I've seen for a pepper mill - croissant.
DrCurry, Sep 12 2005

       What the heck. Bun as well, but I bet by the end of dinner you'll be sick of all the bad guitar solos all around the place, like the wretched singing staff of Coldstone Creamery who belt out something obnoxious and off key every time they get a tip.
oxen crossing, Sep 12 2005

       “I’ll have 3 bars of Harry Chapin, please.”
Shz, Sep 12 2005

       I am a little concerned myself that this device could be taken into the wrong hands, namely by an eighties rock band, where after breaking into a fifteen minute guitar solo, the whole restaurant breaks into a massive sneezing fit...
Supercruiser 5000, Sep 13 2005

       a] I take issue with "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" being labelled a crap follow-up. Sure, it suffers like many other sequels do with a feeling of stretched and contrived plot to eek out another film from the characters... But it isn't crap. The first film has So-crates but the second has Death.
Jinbish, Sep 13 2005

       Was not Neo himself led on a bogus journey?
Supercruiser 5000, Sep 13 2005

       [jinbish] I'm with you - Death and "a full-on robot chubby" makes this a worthy sequel.
coprocephalous, Sep 13 2005

       As long as this doesn't end up in the hands of a wanna be Jimi Hendrix we should be okay...Pepper on your Croissant?
Micky Dread, Sep 17 2005

       + Love the idea...but, one question: would the pepper grinder have sound and would it correspond to the chords the wait staff plays or does it just dispense pepper?
goober, Sep 18 2005

       You might try making a hurdy-gurdy first.
Cuit_au_Four, Sep 20 2005

       The only sound it would make would be the grinding of the pepper according to the strenght that the string is plucked, oh and the string may resonate.   

       And if it gets out of tune. Well thats a whole other ball park.
Supercruiser 5000, Sep 24 2005

       //kinda dissapointed// oh //kinda dissapointed// I thought it would be kinda fun to have the wait staff tryin' to jam out a tune badly. Maybe it could play a little tune automatically when ya start to grind...perhaps a little Salt 'N' Pepa? (Unh, push it! Push it real good!)
goober, Sep 24 2005


       Nobody would buy this for their restaurant. Ever.
eupoth, Sep 24 2005

       + I like lots of pepper.
xandram, Oct 28 2010


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