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Creating an enviromental friendly aquada

Creating an enviromental friendly aquada
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Hi, my name is Kenneth Young from Hong Kong, I am proficiency in playing pedal boat and sailing, I have an idea to create a kind of Aquada combining the charateristic of sailing boat, pedal boat and three-wheeled pedal vehicle. This kind of Aquada is for single person and its weight is below 100kg and mostly functioning as a sailing boat, in case of no wind it can be used as a pedal boat. Since it has a pedal system, it can be used as a three-wheeled pedal vehicle on land. Because it has three wheels and a sail, it can be used as a wind power vehicle on land and also used as a trolley when the sail is removed. Part of the hull space of this aquada is empty for storing camping equipment and it is ideal for people like camp travelling. The manufacturing cost of such an aquada is about US$2,500-US$3,500 depending on the amount of production. Would you be kind enough to think of creating such an aquada with me. My E-mail address is youngken56@hotmail.com and my phone is 852-92039924. Kenneth Young
youngken, Mar 30 2004

Get one of these instead http://www.rinspeed.../pre-splash-ani.htm
[skinflaps, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

...or one of these http://www.spacekid...h_waterrover_02.jpg
(bet you could make it for less than $3,500) [k_sra, Oct 17 2004]

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       do you really want to advertise your phone number young ken?
po, Mar 30 2004

       Maybe someone should give him a bell.
skinflaps, Mar 30 2004

       First off, [youngken], you really shouldn't be showing future product ideas on this site, for patent and copyright reasons and all. Secondly, this should be put under a Car: category, not the Halfbakery: Idea category. Thirdly, disguise your e-mail so that an automatic spammer thingy doesn't pick it up and send you spam. And fourthly, _never_ trust us with your phone number...
ghillie, Mar 31 2004

       Environmentally friendly al queda?
Mr Burns, Mar 31 2004

skinflaps, Apr 30 2004

k_sra, Apr 30 2004


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