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Defaults in fields

On the new idea page put information in all the boxes
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****Other:general is not the only category****
****Beware of genetic modification****
****There is a help file on the left, under meta****

The main box could contain the latest item of hb related news, so as to avoid winding up none-newbies.

It would go away as soon as you started to type.

RobertKidney, Jan 01 2004


       as long as principally these messages were sarcastic or funny (like tag lines) I'm not un in favour, although I think all it would do is make it even more obvious when the trolls came to visit.
neilp, Jan 01 2004

       Just change the default category to Home: Child Control. Might be a tad humorous.
Baker^-1, Jan 01 2004

       This would require Javascript. Get thee behind me, Satan.
waugsqueke, Jan 02 2004

       This gets stale very quickly. I wrote a defect-tracking system, and amended it so that two users who had poor command of grammar would get random messages popping up sometimes, things like "Speak English, man" or "Can you really understand this?" Great laugh, for about 15 minutes.
PeterSilly, Jan 02 2004

       waugs: not so, not that that makes it a good idea.
PS: my favorite user-specific feature involving randomly jiggling the application window 1-3 pixels every now and again. That one lasted all week and still makes me smile, even though the target died 9/11.
DrCurry, Jan 02 2004

       // waugs: not so, //   

       Not so what? That it would require Javascript? Well I suppose you could do it with an embedded Java applet or a Flash doohickey. Yes, there are other ways, all of which suck even worse than Javascript.
waugsqueke, Jan 02 2004

       The main point is that it gives ideas one last chance to avoid ending up in other general. If you all think its not worth it than thats fair enough.
RobertKidney, Jan 03 2004

       Waugs: plain old HTML gives you default values.
DrCurry, Jan 03 2004

       You missed the bit where he wants the text to "go away as soon as you started to type". HTML can't do that.
waugsqueke, Jan 04 2004

       Ok then, I'd be willing to settle for not going away if necessary. Although it could occasionaly leave really ironic ideas where the title is still 'please <edit>don't</edit> put me in other general'.
RobertKidney, Jan 04 2004

       If the text didn't go away, then you'd have a problem of people forgetting to remove it before they submitted their ideas, perhaps not noticing it was there. Then every message would have the default text at the bottom. ****There is a help file on the left, under meta****
waugsqueke, Jan 04 2004

       Maybe we should include a few of these helpful hints into the taglines?
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2004

       [waugs] - maybe we should try it?
****There is a help file on the left, under meta****
PeterSilly, Jan 05 2004

       //every message would have the default text at the bottom//
The cgi script on the server could strip that out.
krelnik, Jan 05 2004


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