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Creme Horn

Ever just wanna smack another driver?
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For those times when a simple sound won't do, and you REALLY need to let the other driver know you're there-- i.e., s/he's stopped in the middle of the road playing Travel Scrabble when you're (rightfully) barreling down the road behind them at 88 km/h: simply slap your palm down on the built-in Creme Horn pad and a tasty, creme-filled pastry flies out of the queue in front of your Explorer and smacks into their bumper.


Kind of like goosing them, but with a confection, and no personal contact.

jester, Dec 04 2001

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More food for bad driving: jam for running a red light, custard for running an amber. [pottedstu, Dec 04 2001]

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Another "cars as weapons" game. One game reviewer says, "You will enjoy this one a lot, making your friends and family very, very worried about you" [bristolz, Dec 04 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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More food for bad driving: jam for running a red light, custard for running an amber. [pottedstu, Oct 21 2004]

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       Granted, the ones who decide to play Travel Scrabble while on the expressway are the same ones who will abuse this feature (Travel Let's-Slow-to-a-Crawl-In-Between-Lanes-and-See-How-Many-Oncoming-Vehicles-We-Can-Peg), but the retaliation against them would quickly reduce the problem to those who can shoot accurately while maintaining decent speeds and (hopefully) steering, and those looking for free food.
nick_n_uit, Dec 04 2001

       what's 'goosing'?
lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

       that's probably enough explanation.
lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

       tr.v. Slang goosed, goos·ing, goos·es
To poke, prod, or pinch (a person) between or on the buttocks.
To move to action; spur: goosed the governor to sign the tax bill.
To give a spurt of fuel to (a car, for example); cause to accelerate quickly. “The pilot goosed his craft, powering away” (Nicholas Proffitt). -- dictionary.com
pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

       prod between or on the buttocks??? how do you do that while driving? Oh, I see, that's the point of this idea. Scuse me while I go and mumble in a corner somewhere.
lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

       Beat me to the link, benevia. Curses!
DrBob, Dec 04 2001

       What if someone mistakes it for a bichon frise?
Helium, Dec 04 2001

       I was thinking of the bichon frise that got thrown at a car as a victim of road rage somewhere in US...where weird things happen.   

       By the way I was speaking to a travel agent today who warned me emphatically not to go to LA if I'm planning a trip to US. Am I to assume it is inhabited by pond scum?
Helium, Dec 05 2001

       While dining out tonight I succumbed to the overwhelming urge to select cream horns from the menu. They were harder than I remember, and I had to probe at them violently with my dessert fork to cause them to explode. I concluded that they would be likely to scratch the paintwork on impact, thus inciting an even more aggressive response from the cream hornee.
Helium, Dec 05 2001

       Let me see if I understand you - You had to probe the horn before it exploded with cream? <snigger, guffaw...>
hippo, Dec 05 2001

       stop making me laugh in the office!
lewisgirl, Dec 05 2001

       [hippo] Yes, the bit of custard on the side made me do it.
Helium, Dec 05 2001


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