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Cricket Ho-Down

It's Not Just Cricket
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This game was a favourite among me and my friends a few years back.

The game is basically built upon a Cricketty-Rounders format, with a bowler, and batter, and fielders. Generally we played it the park or on the beach, where there were sufficient onlookers to provide adequate comedy value.

When the game starts, to anyone watching, it looks like any other game of cricket. Fielders assume their positions, the batter steps up, bowler bowls. CRACK! The ball is hit, and everyone's off!! The fielders try to retrieve the ball whilst the batter tries to score as many runs as he can. However, the difficulty of this impounded by the rule that normal running is strictly forbidden; the only way to move across the pitch is by Country Line Dancing.

Whilst it's open to individual styles, the standard interpretation of this rule involves a sideways stance, fingers in belt hooks and toe tapping ankle swinging. If you have a hat, all the better.

Variations include Robot Dancing, Break Dance and The Locomotion. All players should dress appropriately.

daaisy, Apr 16 2006

Ice Cream Truck Ho Down Ice_20Cream_20Truck_20Ho-Down
--gratuitous self aggrandizing link due to similar idea name-- [AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006]


       Sounds no more sillier than the usual version. :-) Do the bowlers have to run up in that style, too?
imaginality, Apr 16 2006

       I'm sorry, but I am at a great loss to see anything that could possibly be called an invention here.   

       (This coming from someone who coined "Fruit Ball")
blissmiss, Apr 17 2006

       Yeah, by your own admission, it's baked. As is this bun (+)
egbert, Apr 17 2006

       Um, only baked among the group of people that invented it. Does that make it Baked?
daaisy, Apr 17 2006

       //When the game starts, to anyone watching, it looks like any other game of cricket.//   

       I have to admit, if I saw two frat boys beating a janitor with empty whiskey bottles next to somebody wearing a comically oversized cowboy hat, and suddenly two greased pigs were thrown by a lumberjack next to a large wooden pole, and somebody told me it was a normal game of Cricket...

...I wouldn't know the difference.
AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006

       ... But I wouldn't be bored.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 17 2006

       What does the ho do? Or should I ask *who* does the ho do?
Canuck, Apr 17 2006

       The Cricket.
AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006

       /Does that make it Baked/   

       No, I guess it makes it half-baked.
egbert, Apr 17 2006

       I was hoping for crickets playing banjos!
xandram, Apr 17 2006

       Funny you should say that, I was just getting to them!! They get involved during the Macarena Round   

       //Do the bowlers have to run up in that style, too?//   

       Yep, that's only way ANYONE is allowed to move. Including the Umpire.
daaisy, Apr 17 2006

       OK, I'll give them a bun for lunch then! +
xandram, Apr 17 2006


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