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Crime Scene Rug

Chalk outline rugs
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How about rugs made the shape of a body's chalk outline - nice white tape round the edges - lovely addition to any household, great talking point. Could come with small roll of 'Police Line - Do Not Cross' for authenticity.
Sunshine, Sep 19 2002

(?) Body Outline Welcome Mat http://lacstores.co..._ID=85&From=listall
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]

Penn Jillette's house, "The Slammer" http://extratv.warn...a/02_02/02_12d.html
It's not really a rug, but tile work on the kitchen floor. From the article: "...to continue Penn’s prison theme....there's this tribute to Penn’s partner in comedy. He points out, "This is a crime scene because we have Teller laid out here with a knife. Teller posed for this on the floor." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

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       Perfect for the Film Noir Home. +
calum, Sep 19 2002

       This is a good'n. (+), too. Larger area rugs could have several chalk outlines--massacre rugs.
bristolz, Sep 19 2002

       lol, should they also have simulated blood stains? or maybe a "jonestown" model could have purple koolaid spills?   

       or am i getting too morbid?   

       sorry if i am. +
wess, Sep 19 2002

       Jack Lord's toupée?
waugsqueke, Sep 19 2002

       An appliqèed bloodstained glove?
hippo, Sep 19 2002

       + a pair of empty smoking boots - I don't know why I thought of that!
po, Sep 19 2002

       One croissant shaped rug comin' right up
thumbwax, Sep 19 2002

       Croissant-shaped rug you say?...now thats an idea.
Zircon, Sep 19 2002

       there is a funny farside thats got the empire state building, a huge king kong chalk outline then lots of smaller people chalk outlines inside the bigger king kong one.
Gulherme, Sep 19 2002

       This rug would be great for "Murder Mystery" dinner parties. Just roll it out in the room where the "murder" took place and put the clues round it (Lead piping, bottle of poison, rope, dagger, candlestick, etc. .....)   


       Thumbwax: I was in a store a couple of weeks ago and they had a quarter-moon shaped shaggy fawn rug - it struck me how much it looked like a criossant ....
8th of 7, Sep 19 2002

       Hehe, this reminds me of a murder mystery some friends set up with those little plastic guys that you find cordoning off building sites etc.   

       They started by hanging one of them up from a beam with a rope around its neck. They proceeded to create a 'chalk' outline on the floor with masking tape. Finally, they had the 'corpse' being hauled off by two other plastic guys complete with shroud and toetag. I have some great photos somewhere.
madradish, Sep 19 2002

       // . I have some great photos somewhere. //   

       <Blackadder> "The long winter evenings must simply fly by ......." </Blackadder>
8th of 7, Sep 19 2002

       It's September, bliss. Is Hallowe'en a two month festival in the States?
calum, Sep 19 2002

       The obvious follow up to this is a "Murder Mystery blow-up doll" that can be placed on the Crime Scene Rug for inspection by the guests. Then we could all play at being CSI's. The "corpse" could have a viriety of lifelike orifices - NO, NOT LIKE THAT, I mean stab and gunshot wounds, blunt trauma to the head, ligature marks on the neck etc. which the would-be 'tecs could note and measure and even photograph. Real physical evidence !   

       This would be much more expensive to produce than a convetional murder mystery game pack, but also much more realistic. And fun.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2002

       I'd like the Colombo accessory kit. "Pardon me, is this your chalk outline? You know, my wife, she just loves drawing outlines in chalk."
PeterSilly, Sep 19 2002

       hey blissmiss, now that you mention beds, how about a "heaven's gate" bedspread? it could be white, with a black (they wore all black clothes) silhouette of a body that has a purple triangular shape covering the head. one on twin and full sizes, for the queen size you'd have two bodys and maybe three on a king.   

       i'd been thinking alot about heaven's gate lately, because of a novelty song i have on a cd.
wess, Sep 19 2002

       Bliss: Please, that's a level of detail beyond what most people require in this situation.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2002

       oh bliss, i'm sorry, are you brittish? i guess it's an american referance.   

       well, in california USA a few years ago, there was a man named marshal applewhite who lead a cult called heavens gate. the cult supported themselves by designing websites.   

       they belived that they could move beond human to the next level by "leaving their contaners"(human bodies) and catching a ride on a spaceship that was hiding in the tail of the hale-bop comet.   

       so when the time was comming, the all recorded a video to fammily and friends to say goodby and explain what they were so happy to be doing. one of them incedentaly was the brother of nichelle nicholes (lt uhura) from startrek.   

       then, they put one all black clothes, including black nike sneakers, and in shifts drank phenobarbital and vodka. and ate poisoned apple sause (or was it vanilla pudding?) and layed down on their beds with a black suitecase at the foot. then when they died, annother cult member would put a triangular purple shroud over their heads. so the last two to die had no shrouds because no one was left to drape them over.   

       maybe three days later, the 39 bodies we found in the large house the cult was renting.   

       so a bedspread would have a pict of a body with a purple shroud.
wess, Sep 19 2002

       pretending to be po? oh bliss, you have set me off curing warts again.
po, Sep 19 2002

       bliss, so your american then? what state? i'm in NJ.   

       thanks for the shroud, i'll sew it to the bedspread! (lol!)   

       ooh! and maybe at the foot of the bed, on the part of the spread that hangs over, you could have a silhouette of a black suitecase that looked like it was sitting on the floor. (i love trompe l'oeil effects).   

       i know it's morbid, but i'm feeling a strong desire to actualy make one of these.
wess, Sep 19 2002

       bliss, i'm actualy closser to new york state.
wess, Sep 20 2002

       On a similar theme, and to save housework - one could have just a chalk outline, no rug and place it over piles of dust around the house, and call it a Buffy the Vamp rug.
Sunshine, Sep 21 2002

       Does it come with a CD of crime scene noises (distant sirens, police radios etc.) Very nice; it'd look nice under my skylight. +
NickTheGreat, Sep 21 2002

       wess, I'm enthralled here. Your annos read like an assault course, of buckled words, blown-out capitals, and punctuation wild like bulletholes. So how do you sail through 'trompe l'oeil' without dink one?
General Washington, Sep 21 2002

       I like the idea of a //black suitecase//, just small enough to put all your living room furniture in. Great.
PeterSilly, Sep 21 2002

       I once worked in a branch of a major international video rentals company. One of my colleagues there was an american guy named Kirk. As is often the case in such establisments, staffed as they are by school leavers and students, the staff turnover was high. Well, time passed, and soon enough the day came that it was Kirk's last shift. I was working the close with him, and had the honour of watching as he 'prepared the store' for the morning shift (which included the manager). Maybe this is a tradition or something over the pond, but I've never seen anything like it. One of the things he did was lie down in the middle of the floor, right infront of the counter, and get his girlfriend to tape around the outline of his body. He left his work shirt in the outline so it looked as though he melted. It was quite effective.
Zircon, Sep 21 2002

       (lol) General Washington. "dink one"? I suppose that means without one typo?   

       well, for one thing, i'm not a propper typist, so usualy when i whant to post, and the idea just pours out, i sometimes don't bother to hit the shift key. Is my punctuation usualy wrong? sorry about that, i do try to get it right.   

       as for the term "trompe l'oeil", i knew i had to spell it right, and i knew i had a business card of a painter who did that sort of art in my desk, so i looked at that.   

       "enthralled" is good, i hope?   

       oh yeah, i just remembered it is. I remember that scene in the film "author author". after Ivan's play opens, they stay up for the reviews. they get very excited when they find out that "Kline was enthralled".   

       so thanks G.W.!
wess, Sep 23 2002

       Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller has a house in Las Vegas that is designed to look like a prison. In the middle of the kitchen floor is a "chalk outline" of his partner Teller holding a knife. See link. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, May 31 2003

       Dont forget the bloodstains!
DesertFox, Sep 17 2005

       Those zombie croissants looks so vital, so whole...and so many of them! Is it wrong to crave flaky buttery zombie flesh?
bungston, Oct 31 2005

       oh YES! mmm   

       anyone who wants a pic of me as an extra in Sean of the Dead will have to grovel...
po, Oct 31 2005

       If grovelling is what [Po] wants, then grovelling is what [Po] gets.   

       *clings to [Po]'s leg, looks up with huge watery puppy eyes. Whimpers softly.* Puh- leeeeese?
Trickytracks, Oct 31 2005

       Still one of my favorites! A new updated +
blissmiss, Nov 01 2005

       To show your latest victim, huh, bliss? (Where *did* waugsqueke go?!)
DrCurry, Nov 01 2005

       The butler did it, in the library, with a candlestick, I swear!
blissmiss, Nov 01 2005

       I have used masking tape to outline where my furniture will sit on the floor and in the process, I thought about how interesting it would be to outline a "crime scene" type of form on the floor. It brought up several conversations too!
Jscotty, Nov 02 2005

       One idea. Forty buns. No bones. Class.
wagster, Mar 13 2010


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